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Nando’s has a secret breakfast menu & we feel betrayed

We thought we had a good relationship with Nando’s, but it looks like the restaurant has been keeping a pretty big secret from us, and let's just say we feel personally victimised. Nandos breakfast was 10/10— Usama (@usxma) April 27, 2019 Turns out, Nando’s have a secret breakfast menu which, can you believe, they

18 secret Nando’s menu hacks you never knew existed

Who doesn’t love a cheeky Nando’s? Instead of default-ordering your fave go-to item, why not mix things up by having a go at hacking the menu to upgrade your meal? We've pulled together the ultimate list of Nando’s secret menu hacks, so get ready to take your Nando's order to the next level. We’re so ready to try the PERi-flamer with
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The definitive ranking of everything on the Nando’s menu

It was a hard job, but somebody had to do it. In the interests of upping our Nando’s ordering game, we tried every single dish on the core Nando’s menu (bar the salads – because, chicken! – and desserts). There isn’t anything on the menu we particularly dislike, but this list helps to differentiate between the great dishes, and the