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Here’s all the free food students can get on results day

Studying for exams is hungry work, and after 14 years of slogging through mountains of papers and what seemed to be endless exams for three years, it seems only right that results day calls for a serious celebration. Which is why we’re pleased to announce students can get food freebies on all their respective results days!
LATEST LAUNCHES mcodnalds-summer-menu

McDonald’s tasty new summer menu just dropped

Hold onto your McNuggets fellow McDonald’s fans, because the fast food juggernaut has just unveiled its brand new lunch menu just in time for summer – and it looks absolutely delish. From the humble bacon roll to crispy chicken wraps and the return of the beloved Smarties McFlurry (oh yeah!), check out the full offering below… 

KFC’s new vegan chicken burger plus all the vegan food launches of 2019

Vegan’s rejoice, KFC has answered your burger prayers and are launching their vegan ‘chicken’ burger, The Imposter. KFC vegan 'chicken' burger So, what is it? The £2.99 Quorn based patty is covered in Colonel’s secret recipe crispy coating, with a creamy vegan mayo between the bun and crispy iceberg lettuce. The burger is being trialled
FOOD mcdonalds-veggie-wrap

Quick! McDonald’s is giving away Spicy Veggie wraps this week

McDonald’s fans, vegetarians, and those of us who are feeling a little strapped for cash until payday, gather round and brace yourselves; fast food juggernaut McDonald’s is dishing out free Spicy Veggie Wraps to celebrate National Vegetarian Week, which takes place from 13 to 17 May. The wrap (which has unsurprisingly been a massive hit
GOOD EATS weird food products from around the world

15 of the most WTF food combinations that nobody asked for

We’re no stranger to weird food - chicken nugget and gravy pizza anyone? But the launch of Papa John’s marmite stuffed crust pizza got us thinking about the strangest food combos that are actually available to buy, aka things no one ever asked for like Creme Egg Mayo or Sweet Potato flavoured KitKats – yep,
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