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GOOD EATS weird food products from around the world

15 of the most WTF food combinations that nobody asked for

We’re no stranger to weird food - chicken nugget and gravy pizza anyone? But the launch of Papa John’s marmite stuffed crust pizza got us thinking about the strangest food combos that are actually available to buy, aka things no one ever asked for like Creme Egg Mayo or Sweet Potato flavoured KitKats – yep,

Everything we know about McDonald’s Monopoly 2019

Spring is hiding around the corner, along with the promise of better weather (fingers crossed), and it’s nearly time for McDonald’s Monopoly to start again, hurrah! So in celebration of our favourite games return, we’ve rounded up everything we know about this year's game. If you need us we’ll be at the nearest McDonald’s... When does it

KFC and Pizza Hut just joined forces and we are shook

Hold on to your McNuggets, because two of the UK’s biggest food institutions, KFC and Pizza Hut, teamed up this February to create a monster new pizza that combines multiple fan-favourite ingredients. Called the Gravy Supreme, it’s a Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites pizza bathed in KFC gravy and topped with Popcorn Chicken pieces, mozzarella, sweet
LATEST LAUNCHES mcdonalds bacon big mac

McDonald’s just added THREE new Big Macs to their menu

You’ve made it. The end of January is literally just days away, and you know what that means? January diets are officially cancelled. Well, it appears McDonald’s know that as well, since they’ve just added three new Big Macs to their menu. Yep, it’s time to treat yourself. Remember last year when Maccas created the

How to order Starbucks red cups AFTER Christmas

We wait all year for Starbucks to drop their Christmas coffee drinks, and then before you can say ‘Toffee Nut latte’ they’re off the menu, and we’re back to the daily (coffee) grind. But what if we told you that you can actually get your hands on those Starbucks red cups after Christmas too? Yep, Inside Source’s in-house Starbucks guru, Kahmarl O’Gordon,
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