21 struggles every single girl can relate to on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is that one day of the year when instead of feeling smug about a) getting to starfish every night, b) getting to hook up with anyone you want and c) not having to spend over 50% of your time with a smelly boy, you instead are made to feel crappy about not having aforementioned smelly boy. Basically it sucks. And here’s 21 reasons why…

Your annoying single friends want to do ‘Galentines’ which is the worst thing since unsliced bread.

Trying to get a last minute date looks something like this

So you practice self love instead

People in couples keep saying they hate Valentine’s Day and you’re just like

And then some couples say they love it

Ex’s crawl out of the woodwork because they’re sad and lonely too

And creepy guys fancy their chances just because it’s Valentine’s Day

You have to go on an ‘unfollow’ rampage of anyone who posts humble brag bouquet Instas

And anyone who uses the #luckygirl hashtag

And finally, anyone who posts their bf on social media with the words ‘the boy’ or worst still ‘boyo’ should know they have committed a hate crime against you personally.

Sometimes you get cards

Or a social media love note

But it’s just not the same as a real life boyfriend

Not that you’re bitter

Everyone keeps asking why you’re single

But really it’s because

Yet another friend gets engaged

And you feel yourself having to justify your life choices all day long

But you realise that actually, being single is way better than still being with the tool you were with last year

And being alone is actually kinda empowering

Cheers to being single on Valentine’s Day

Image: Warner Bros, Valentine’s Day