5 reasons why Love Island’s Ovie Soko is a national treasure

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Hands up, who thinks Ovie Soko is the best Islander to ever grace the villa? Yep, we thought so. But, incase there are some of you that need a little more convincing – or just feel like fan-girling over Ovie for a minute – we’ve drawn up 5 reasons why we believe Ovie Soko is a national treasure, and must be protected at all costs. 

1. He’s a humble bae

Yes, he’s handsome. Yes, he’s a successful professional basketball player. Yes, he could quite literally bag any woman he wanted. But Ovie revealed a humble side to himself when, in a conversation with Amber, he revealed he came to the villa to find someone who didn’t just want him for his height or his status, but want Ovie, for Ovie. All together now…awwwwww.

2. He acted maturely in the face of losing Anna

If you’re a seasoned Love Island viewer, you’ll know that getting pied off is part and parcel of the whole experience. But how you deal with it is up to you. Historically, most Islanders have shouted, cried, and just raged in general, but Ovie? When Anna told him about her lingering feelings for Jordan, Ovie took it on the chin and, despite raising his voice a bit, he walked away, took the night to regain his composure, and emerged the next day chillaxed and happy for Anna and Jordan to crack on.

3. He’s got the moves AND voice of an angel

From doing a little two-step while the kettle boils to making up a song while eating his morning eggs, Ovie is an amateur entertainer, and he’s certainly entertaining the nation. Need more evidence? Look no further than the Dirty Dancing task, where he set hearts racing with his saucy striptease, sending social media into a meltdown with fans begging for the show to release the full ‘routine’.

4. His analogies are heartfelt and hilarious

Yes, Ovie is a 6ft 7in hunk with rippling abs and arms that could cradle you for days, but he’s also a sensitive guy who gives support and sound advice to his boys in the villa. Take his advice to Curtis; when the professional dancer was having difficulty choosing between Maura and Francesca, Ovie told him, “You’re trying to juggle two eggs…If you drop both of them, you are going to splatter them rather than just putting one down…You can put one down and both eggs will be fine… If you drop both of them, now you’ve got scrambled egg. You don’t want scrambled egg!”. Wise words, Ovie, wise words.

5. He’s the most stylish Islander to date

Having your entire wardrobe come from a selection of fast fashion brands may not equal the best style for some people. But not for Ovie. From a pink Hawaiian print co-ord to wire frame glasses and the ability to rock any (ANY) hat with swagger, Ovie has to be Love Island’s most stylish resident to date. Go on, think of someone more stylish, we’ll wait.