All the new releases you need to watch on Netflix this spring

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We know it’s technically time to start venturing out of our winter hibernation, but recently the lure of Netflix has been too strong to resist, and we’re weak-willed. So if like us, you find yourself snuggled under the duvet more than usual this month, that’s cool because Netflix has got plenty of good stuff coming your way over the next couple of months.

We’re excited to see old favourites like Queer Eye and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina return for new seasons, but Netflix is also offering up some really exciting new series’ and original movies like Turn Up Charlie and The Highwaymen. And there’s even a sneaky new David Attenborough series coming! We’ve rounded up 14 of the most exciting new releases to hit our screens over March and April. Happy Netflix and chill!

Queer Eye season 3 – 15 March

Can you believe? The Fab Five are back! This time Jonathan, Karamo, Antoni, Tan and Bobby are headed to Kansas City, Missouri for the third season of the hit series. Expect more heart-warming, tear-jerking makeovers with an even split of men and women, unlike seasons 1 and 2, plus the series’ first-ever lesbian! We literally can not wait henny.

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann – 15 March

This eight-part docu-series takes a detailed look at the investigation into the disappearance of 3-year old Madeleine McCann who vanished while on holiday in Portugal with her family in 2007. It’s one of the country’s most famous unsolved mysteries and has had a serious amount of media attention over the last 12 years, but this doc examines all the evidence and interviews the people who were there promising a “unique” take on the facts.

Turn Up Charlie – 15 March

Idris Elba produces and stars in this new comedy about a struggling DJ trying to rebuild his career, who is finally given a chance at success on the condition he becomes a nanny to his best friends wild 11-year old daughter. It looks great and let’s be honest, anything with Idris Elba is a firm yes from us.

Arrested Development season 5B – 15 March

After the first half of season 5 hit Netflix earlier this year, we’re so ready to binge watch the rest. The Bluths are back with eight new episodes and there are still plenty of questions to be answered from the first half of season 5, like where is Lucille Austero? Is she really dead? We can’t wait to find out.

Amy Schumer Growing – 19 March

In her latest Netflix special, comedy queen Amy Schumer gives a brutally honest, and hilarious obvs, take on marriage and pregnancy. She spills the tea on the joys of womanhood, personal growth and settling into her new marriage, and of course, it wouldn’t be an Amy Schumer special without sex talk.

The OA: Part II – 22 March

The OA is a seriously underrated sci-fi/supernatural/mystery/thriller series which first hit Netflix back in 2016 and we’re so excited to see that it’s been renewed for a second season. Part II is set to return with The OA as she navigates a new dimension in which she had a different life as a Russian heiress and one in which she finds herself as Hap’s captive again. It sounds super confusing, but trust us it’s really worth a watch.

Bodyguard – 23 March

Just in case you missed Bodyguard on the BBC last year, (if so, why?) Netflix is giving you another chance to lust after Richard Madden in this epic thriller series. Definitely worth a second watch for his shirtless scenes alone.

Jane the Virgin season 5 – 28 March

Season 5 will be the last ever series of Jane the Virgin and we’re low-key sad. But, we’re also excited because last season left us with plenty of cliffhangers to ponder, first and foremost: Michael is back. Well, it looks like season 5 is set to pick up pretty much immediately after the end of last season so hopefully, we’ll get our answers soon.

Santa Clarita Diet season 3 – 29 March

We’re so obsessed with this zombie comedy starring Drew Barrymore as Sheila, a real-estate agent who dies and comes back as a zombie, and Timothy Olyphant as her husband, Joel, who has to help feed her flesh-eating habit, all while maintaining the appearance of a normal family. Expect plenty of blood and lols.

The Highwaymen – 29 March

The newest Netflix Original film to hit our screens tells the true story of the two retired Texas Rangers, played by Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson, who captured and killed the infamous criminal duo, Bonnie and Clyde, in 1934. We’re so ready for a good old fashioned FBI chase drama.

OSMOSIS – 29 March

In near-future Paris, a technology company have developed ‘OSMOSIS’, an app designed to pair up soul mates with 100% accuracy using the personal memories of users. But what is the price to pay when the app can reach your innermost thoughts, memories and secrets and, like all data, is subject to manipulation?

McQueen – 29 March

Hailed as one of the best fashion documentaries ever made, McQueen is a must-watch for fashionistas. The doc charts his life from his childhood in the East End tracing his route to fame via Savile Row and Central Saint Martins up to his tragic death in 2010 suing his collections to tell the story. Even if you’re not into fashion, this is still a brilliantly moving and insightful look at one the greatest designers of our time.

Chilling Adventure of Sabrina part 2 – 5 April

Is it just us or did you binge-watch the entire first series of Sabrina in like under 12 hours? This season sees Sabrina exploring her darker side, curious to learn more about her heritage while struggling to maintain friendships in the mortal world. Plus, she gets caught in a love triangle with sexy warlock, Nicholas Scratch, and mortal BF, Harvey Kinkle. Something tells us we’ll be binge-watching this series in under 12 hours too.

Quicksand – 5 April

Fans of Scandi crime dramas are bound to enjoy this series, based on the thrilling Swedish novel of the same name. When a mass shooting at a school sends shock waves through Stockholm’s wealthiest neighbourhood, a normal high school teen finds herself on trial for murder. Sounds dark and intriguing, just how we like it.  

Our Planet – 5 April

The best person on the planet, aka Sir David Attenborough, and his team have joined forces with Netflix to bring us another epic eight-part nature docuseries. Prepare to be blown away with breathtaking visuals and footage of rarely-seen animals and sombre truths about humanity’s impact on our planet. Expect this to be just as awe-inspiring as Blue Planet and Planet Earth, we literally cannot wait.

Image: Netflix