This Love Island winner theory has blown our tiny minds

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Love Island is in full swing and tbh we could not be loving our lack of social life more. Strong couples are starting to emerge (Curtis & Amy we stan) and it’s got us thinking about who might take the crown, 50k and a Boohoo deal this year.

Now, we know that the Islanders are constantly advising each other NOT to put all their eggs in one basket, but according to our theory, they should be!

If you look back at previous years (bar year one, which we’re going to conveniently ignore) the winning formula for the show seems to be coupling up with someone at the very beginning and sticking with them until the very end. Simple.

Let’s start with Season 2, Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey. They coupled up from the very start and were pretty much inseparable ever since – bar a few lover’s tiffs. They now have a baby boy together, Freddie-George, and are engaged. Nicely done, Islanders.

Moving on to Season 3, we saw Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies take the crown after coupling up from day dot. Their relationship was tested a couple of times, namely when newcomer Georgia Harrison came in and coupled up with Kem, causing Amber to make that iconic face, but they got back together, took the prize money and lived happily ever after. Until they split up in 2017, that is…

Finally, season 4 saw the nation’s sweetheart Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham take the Love Island prize, after, yet again, coupling up from day one. They apparently won with 80% of the vote, beating Laura and Paul to the top spot. They then went on to move in together, get a dog and film their own TV show; sadly this was as far as these two would get as the pair recently split. We’re not sure who was more heartbroken, us or them…

So with that all said, who out of all our Season 5 original couples are going to go the distance?! Our money’s on Joe and Lucie…

Image: ITV