Love Island is ending this Monday, here’s who we think will win and why

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After months spent basically living for 9pm, it’s almost time to say goodbye to your best friends Islanders for another year, as Love Island comes to an end this Monday 29 July *sob*. 

Naturally we’ve been speculating with everyone and anyone who will listen about who we think is going to nab the 50k, so read on for our ‘professional’ superfan opinion on who’s going to win (and who’s going to crash out of) Love Island 2019.

Tommy and Molly-Mae

These two are by far the strongest of the lot. Having been together pretty much from the very beginning (bar a Maura-sized blip), they’ve been going from strength to strength. They basically already have a child together (Elly Belly, duh) and we can’t count the amount of sweet, tear-jerking moments they’ve provided us with, from their adorable first kiss to Tommy asking Molly to be his girlfriend on the terrace. Their only barrier to the 50k is the public’s suspicion that Molly might be being fake, but we reckon these two are the real deal. We predict a spin-off show…

Amber and Greg

We seriously stan Amber, like, so much. After being dumped, ignored, then re-propositioned by ‘chaldish’ Michael, she picked herself up and did the right thing re-coupling with (a sexy Irish) knight in shining armour, Greg, and sending a powerful message to girls everywhere. Love life aside, Amber is a loyal friend, refreshingly straight-talking and looks killer in a neon bikini. Basically she’s a queen, and Greg has put a smile back on her face making him one of our favourite people. We have high hopes for these two finishing in the top three.

Anna and Jordan

What can we say about these two other than ‘total and utter car crash.’ They got together for what seemed a lot like convenience (aka there was no one else) and both strayed at the first chance they got in Casa Amor, with Jordan staying in another girl’s bed on day one and Anna going one step further and recoupling with Ovie (not that we blame her). Jordan somehow managed to weasel his way back into Anna’s affections, ask her to be his girlfriend, and then tell India he liked her  a day later. Literal madness. These two need to be dumped asap. Bye, Felicia.

Ovie and India

Ovie is our favourite person in the world and to be honest  we would like to start a petition for him to win the 50k all by himself (do we even need to mention last night’s swoop in to rescue India from Jordan and Anna’s screaming match *swoon*). India seems like a nice girl, plus she’s gorgeous, and her and Ovie would look great together on Instagram and have beautiful babies. Could they win? We reckon they got together a bit too late in the game, but a place in the top three is definitely on the cards.

Chris and Harley

We think we might be rooting for these two…Yes, they did get together just because they were both single and there was literally no one else, but their baking date was beyond sweet and it seems like they’re really starting to like each other. Unfortunately, Chris stating in the headline challenge that the public thought him and India were meant to be, and royally pee-ing off Harley, has probably shattered any chance they might have had of winning. They seem like a fair weather couple.

Anton and Belle

Anton has easily been the most entertaining boy of the series, and the entire UK population were willing him to find love – and potentially someone other than his mother to shave his bum. It seemed like he did when Belle came into the villa and immediately made a bee-line for the Scottish cheeky-chappy – everyone remember back-tickle gate? Of course you do. The pair were going strong for a few weeks with a small set back when Anton kissed Anna in a challenge and Belle lost it, but a few back-tickles later they were all made up. Sweet. We reckon they’re potential top three material, mainly due to Anon’s popularity.

Maura and Curtis

These two have been on one hell of a journey to make it to couple status, and we kinda don’t know how to feel about them. Curtis provided endless lols in the beginning but then he broke Amy’s heart and Maura has fancied so many different guys we actually can’t keep track. Somehow though, the ‘manly’ dancer and potty-mouthed Irish gal ended up together and they’re actually very sweet. The fact that Curtis has given up his morning Costa shift to stay in bed and cuddle Maura is a pretty good sign. We reckon they might just miss out on a top three spot due to the fact that everyone (including King Ovie) thinks Curtis is playing a game.