This is how much money the Love Island stars are going to make this year

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Love Island may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing the back of our islanders any time soon. They won’t be on our TV screens anymore but our phone screens are a different story, with Instagram being the platform they’ll be utilising to make their millions (yep, millions!)

An industry insider told The Sun Online, ‘They will have a golden 12 months and the aim will be for them to make more than a £1 million each in that time. If they don’t break the £1 million mark then they are being badly advised. They should be picking up £10,000 per post because once the new series comes around that figure will drop to £1,000 or even less.’

But which islanders will be making the most cash? Shock winners Amber and Greg are said to be on their way to making £10,000 per Instagram post, while Ovie Soko is said to have not two, not three, but 12 talent agents fighting to represent him! 

Ovie was one of the only islanders to leave without any representation, and a source told the paper, ‘Top agents who look after reality stars are desperate to represent Ovie. He was one of the biggest stars, if not the biggest star of the series. Ovie has told them in no uncertain terms to present him with their best offers.’

Various fast fashion brands have been in Twitter wars about who should get the basketball star on board with a campaign, but we’re pretty sure whoever Ovie chooses to go with, he’ll be making some serious money.

And as for the less famous islanders, even the ones who were only in the villa for a day, or enjoyed a small stint in Casa Amor, they’ll still have gained a few thousand Instagram followers and will be looking at £200-£300 a post, or even just some free stuff from brands to promote on social media. 

Brb, just filling out our applications for next year…