This is why Love Island doesn’t air on Saturdays

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If you’re an avid Love Island fan like we are, you’ll know the live show airs every day of the week – apart from Saturday. So, why doesn’t it air on a Saturday and what do the contestants get up to if they’re not being filmed? Former contestant Kem Cetinay has finally shed some light, during a recent appearance on This Morning.

Apparently, Saturday is cleaning day in the villa! The Islanders are given the day off, and while they head off to the beach together sans microphones, the cleaners come into the villa and tidy up their mess! Nice for some…

Kem went on to say, “Not a lot of people know this. What happens is when you take your mics off, you’re not allowed to talk about anything to do with the show. You’ve got to talk about home life. You’re being watched by an evil hawk, by the producers because they don’t want you to talk about what’s going on.”

Well, thank God they get some time off from all that sunbathing, flirting and fun.