Everything you need to know about the new Love Island contestants

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Guys, not to alarm you, but CANCEL ALL SOCIAL PLANS FOR THE NEXT THREE MONTHS because the new Love Island contestants have been revealed and the excitement is real. Five girls and seven boys will be entering the villa in just 6 days, and we can’t wait to pick our faves.

ITV just shared a video of the Islanders and we approve (even if some of their dance moves are questionable…)

Here’s everything you need to know about the people that are about to become your go-to topic of conversation:

Harley – 20 years old, estate agent from Newcastle


Perfect partner:  “I need a man, I don’t want a boy… I need someone to give me the chase. If you don’t give me the chase, I will get the ick and I won’t fancy you.”

Greg – 24 years old, professional rugby player from Limerick


Turn offs: If a girl is taking selfies that’s not for me. I like a chilled girl.”

India – 28 years old, model and vegan chef from Reading


Worst date: “I went on a date with a guy once and the next day he told me that his ex-girlfriend had paid a private investigator to follow him and watch us on the date. I didn’t see him again!

Chris – 28 years old, business development manager from Leicester


Turn offs: “Being very OTT on the make-up and being too into your looks. Extreme vanity, which is a bit ironic as I can be quite vain.”

Francesca – 23 years old, clothing store manager from Essex


Villa crush: “I do think it’s mainly Anton – I’ve liked him from the beginning. He seems like a really nice person, like my kind of humour – he doesn’t take himself too seriously, I think we compliment each other well. Curtis is the other one. Love his snake hips.”

Ovie – 28 years old, professional basketball player from London


Rate yourself: “I feel like I’m an 8 but an international 8, some people call themselves a 10 but you can be a 10 in one place and go to the opposite side of the world and be a 4. Wherever I go around the world, I think I can be an 8. My best feature is my personality, I am just a vibe and people like being around my energy.”

Belle – 21 years old, make-up artist from Bromley


Perfect partner: “Honesty and someone who is funny, genuine and can look after me.”

Jordan – 24 years old, model from Manchester


Turn offs: “I don’t like really overly dramatic girls. I like girls who are more laid back and chilled, like me. I don’t like drama or people who are high maintenance.”

Maura – 28 years old, model and grid girl from County Longford in Ireland


Turn offs: “Arrogance and someone who acts different around their friends. I can’t bear that!”

Molly-Mae – 20 years old, social media influencer from Hertfordshire


Turn ons: “Laughing is my favourite thing, I have to be constantly laughing.”

Callum – 28 years old, aircraft engineer from South Wales

Celebrity crush: “Michelle Keegan. I was 17, 18 when she joined Corrie. It was like my older sister bringing home a fit bird every night for tea! I stopped watching it when they killed off Tina.”

Amber – 21 years old, beauty therapist from Newcastle

How do you tend to meet dates?: “I would never reply to a DM on Instagram and I would never send one! I like to meet people through friends. Sometimes you meet nice people on nights out. I’m old fashioned, I wouldn’t do a dating app or anything like that.”

Anton – 24 years old, gym owner from Airdrie

Turn-offs: “I’ve always been brought up to work for everything I have so I’d want someone with a similar work ethic, not someone who lives off their parents.”

Amy – 26 years old, cabin crew manager from Worthing

Celebrity crushes: “Liam Hemsworth, he’s fit. Ashley Banjo from Diversity is really fit. Then I have weird celebrity crushes as well like David Walliams and Simon Cowell. You’d never go there obviously but there is something about them.”

Joe – 22 years old, catering company owner from London

Celebrity crushes: “I really fancy Jorja Smith, I really fancy Lily Collins and then I really fancy Amber Heard.”

Michael – 27 years old, firefighter from Liverpool

Perfect partner: “Somebody I can get along with on an intellectual level and have a conversation with and not be lost in translation. But also have a bit about them, not take themselves too seriously and have a bit of banter. And she’s got to have a nice bum.”

Anna – 28 years old, pharmacist from London

Turn-offs: “Bad hygiene, I can’t stand it if a guy smells. And also I don’t like guys who will just go for anyone.”

Sherif – 20 years old, chef and semi-professional rugby player from London

Perfect partner: “She needs to be able to hold a conversation. I feel that I make people laugh so I want a girl that makes me laugh, even if that’s just from being herself and not trying to be funny. A nice smile and nice teeth. And nice bum! That’s one of my criteria.”

Tommy – 20 years old, boxer from Manchester (and brother of Tyson Fury)

Perfect partner: “Blonde hair, blue eyes, good tan, gym girl…”

Lucie – 21 years old, surfer from Newquay

Turn-offs: “Arrogance. I hate it when a guy loves himself. That turns me off. If they’re looking in the mirror more than I am! I had this guy who would put his music on and look at his abs in the mirror and he was being serious. I cannot deal with that.”

Curtis – 23 years old, ballroom and Latin dancer from Shropshire (and brother of AJ Pritchard)

Celebrity crushes: “It used to be Megan Fox and then it was Ariana Grande and now it’s Mila Kunis.”

Yewande – 23 years old, scientist from Dublin

Perfect partner: “Someone that I can hold a normal conversation with. Someone that has good banter and someone that is easy to get along with and honest. Lookswise, I like them to be tall and athletic.”

This series is shaping up to be the hottest, muggiest and most drama filled to date and WE. CANT. WAIT.