Love Island lingo: the ultimate guide to speaking like an Islander

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Love Island is like an alternate universe, so it makes perfect sense that it would have its own language (and no, we’re not referring to the language of love).

From being muggy to being a melt, from grafting to pieing off, it can be an absolute ‘mare trying to keep up with what’s going on in the villa, so if you’re feeling a little lost in translation, don’t lose your head.

With a little help from Urban Dictionary, we’ve unravelled the language of Love Island and put together a comprehensive guide to cracking on, pranging out, the DBS and much more. Don’t get mugged off by the Love Island lingo ever again.


Definition: A word made up by Lucie to describe a hot guy. This has caused national outrage. General consensus: Bev is not going to happen.

It is what it is

Definition: A saying meaning acceptance or resignation to a situation that can’t be changed, for example being pied off in the villa.

Idiom: C’est la vie


Definition: An idiot. More specifically, an idiot who is being soppy and pathetic over a girl/boy. Exhibit A – Joe.


Definition: To act in a disrespectful or rude way towards someone else, usually behind their back. For example, stealing someone else’s partner. See Megan from 2018.

See also: Mugged off

Mugged off

Definition: To be mugged off is to be on the receiving end of muggy behaviour or to be taken for a fool.

A sort

Definition: A compliment on someone’s physical appearance. If you are ‘a sort’ you are considered extremely attractive.

Pied off

Definition: Being rejected, dumped, ditched or humiliated by a potential love interest.


Definition: Putting a lot of work and effort into getting a boy/girl to like you. Typically occurs after cracking on with someone.

See also: Cracking on

Crack on/cracking on

Definition: Flirting with someone in the hopes that they will like you and start a romantic relationship.

Do Bits Society/DBS

Definition: An exclusive members-only club started by Wes for Islanders who have, you know, done bits…

Pranging out

Definition: The type of anxiety or paranoia that comes if you’ve caught feelings for someone but don’t know how they feel about you. It can also mean to behave erratically because of said paranoia.


Definition: Used to describe someone who is sneaky, scheming, backstabbing or generally untrustworthy.

Put your eggs in one basket

Definition: Concentrating all your efforts on one person. By putting all of your eggs in basket you’re not showing interest in cracking on with anyone else anymore. Depending on how snakey said love interest is this could leave you open to being mugged off.

My type on paper

Definition: A way to describe your ideal man/woman, someone who ticks all your boxes or is 100% your ‘type’. Usually followed by a but.

Where’s your head at?

Definition: An annoying conversation starter every single Love Island 2019 contestant uses to determine how the other person feels about you and your potential relationship.

Put/stick in on him/her

Definition: Sticking/putting it on someone is making a romantic move on someone in a very blatant manner. AKA Flirting.

Laying it on factor 50

Definition: Flirting heavily, laying on the charm really thick, you know, because factor 50 suncream is really thick.

See also: Grafting


Definition: Like, a way to, like, fill those little gaps between, like, words in, like, every sentence, like.


Definition: If you’re annoyed or feeling bitter towards someone you are most likely saying passive aggressive or mean things; this is being salty. Saltiness is often followed by shade.

See also: Shade


Definition: Throwing shade is an art form. If you’re throwing shade at someone you’re basically treating them with disrespect or disdain often in a subtle or non-verbal way e.g. body language.


Definition: Georgia from Series 4’s favourite word – she uses it practically every other second. We get it Georgia, you’re loyal.


Definition: Chirpsing is just another way of saying flirting.


Definition: Having fun with someone by taking the mickey. Banter is often combined with cracking on in order to maximise grafting.

You know what I mean?

Definition: Used to ask somebody if they understand what you’re talking about. But mainly just used as a way to end a sentence, you know what i mean?


Definition: A feeling someone gives off or an atmosphere between people. Vibes can be good or bad, if they’re good you could move into cracking on. If they’re bad, you should probably move on to avoid being pied off.

Image: ITV