6 Game of Thrones theories you NEED to read before the finale

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**SPOILER ALERT! If you aren’t up to date with GoT season 8 do not read on!**

We can barely contain our excitement for the Game of Thrones finale this coming Sunday night. What will happen when Jon sees Daenerys for the first time after she’s killed thousands of innocents in King’s Landing? Did Cersei and Jaime really just die like that? So, to further fan the flames – because it’s our last chance to get excited and spin theories about GoT – we’re running through 6 theories that you need to read before the finale. Which will come true? We’ll know soon enough…

Jon Snow will be revealed as Azor Ahai

Throughout Game of Thrones, the name ‘Azor Ahai’ has been bandied around, but not clearly addressed. Will we finally find out who the ‘Warrior of the Light’ or ‘The Prince Who Was Promised’ is? Most fans believe that Jon Snow is the promised prince who, according to Melisandre’s prophecy, has the blood of the dragon and will be reborn in smoke and salt. Targaryen bloodline? Check. Brought back from the dead? Check. But the question remains, so what if he is? He’s made no claim to the throne despite the revelation about his heritage anyway.

Varys has already orchestrated Dany’s death

Varys’ allegiance to Daenerys has been in question for most of season 8, and in episode 5 ‘The Bells’, seems to confirm his plot against Dany. We find him writing letters revealing Jon Snow’s true identity, destined to be sent out across the lands by ravens, and conspiring with a young girl named Martha. What’s the conspiracy? Possibly to poison her. Martha tells Varys that Dany still isn’t eating, to which he replies, “we’ll try again later”. Oooeerrrr.

Jon will kill Daenerys and take the throne

Ok let’s just get this straight – we don’t WANT Jon to kill Daenerys, but we all have to do things we don’t want to sometimes. We think that given Dany’s full 180 into the mad queen, Jon will realise she can’t rule with empathy, and reluctantly reconsider his stance about sitting on the Iron Throne. And the only way to stop Dany sitting on the throne now? Yep…

Jaime Lannister isn’t really dead

In episode 5, we see Jaime and Cersei buried under a pile of rubble as The Red Keep crumbles around them. But according to some fan theories, Jaime hasn’t died. Apparently, when characters die on the show, either the actor themselves or fellow cast members pay tribute on Instagram, but neither Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who plays Jaime, or any of his cast mates have posted anything.

Also, apparently when a fan on Twitter asked an Entertainment Weekly writer for a status update on Nikolaj’s post-exit interview, he replied he was ‘holding that one for a bit…’. Suspicious? We think so. What does it mean? We don’t know…

Arya will kill Dany, Sansa will claim the throne

We’ve not kept up to date with Arya’s ‘kill list’, and we’re wondering if Dany has now slid into the number one spot. After all, she has not allowed Jon to take his rightful position on the throne, and she’s proven herself unstable by casually burning King’s Landing to the ground and killing most of its citizens. So we’re thinking Arya’s not impressed, and could use her sneaky assassin powers to kill Dany, leaving her regal sister Sansa to sit on the throne. Yas queen?

Jon will be beheaded and die in the South

We’ve put this one last because it can not (CAN. NOT) be true *cry face*. Jon has stated it himself before – Stark men don’t fair well in the South, and things are not looking good for Jon. His queen has shown her true colours, his men have died horrendously and most of his family is far away in the North. Will Jon meet the same fate as his uncle, Ned Stark, and get beheaded by the loyal Grey Worm on behalf of a furious Dany? We hope not.

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