15 Game of Thrones conspiracy theories about season 8 you need to know

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We’re so excited about the start of Game of Thrones season 8 that we actually cannot contain ourselves. Aside from rewatching all seven season again, which we’ve obvs done multiple times, we’ve been obsessing over all the theories floating around on how the last season could pan out. How will it end? Who will die? Who will conquer the Iron Throne? Will Jon and Dany find out they’re related? There are so many unanswered questions and loose ends to tie up in season 8 that we’re actually kind of stressed just thinking about it.

So to calm ourselves and make sure we’re as fully prepared as possible, we’ve rounded up 15 of the biggest and best Game of Thrones season 8 theories that you need to know about, from semi-plausible to the ones that we’re pretty damn sure will happen. We know one thing for sure, this season is going to be epic.

Jamie will kill Cersei

As a child, Cersei receives the Valonqar prophecy from Maggy the Frog, which states that she will marry the king, become queen, have three children and watch them all die. All of those things have come true so far and since Valonqar means “little brother” in Valyrian, fans believe that Jamie will have to kill the person he loves most, aka Cersei, in order to save the people because she is essentially turning into the mad queen.

Jon Snow will finally find out he’s a Targaryen

It seems like everyone except Jon knows that he’s a Targaryen. This is less of a theory and more of a this-is-definitely-going-to-happen prediction; Jon has to find out his true identity in order for the story to move along, so this is more of a ‘when’ than a ‘what if’. Still, we’re very excited to see Jon’s reaction.

Arya will use Jamie’s face to kill Cersei

Fans believe Arya could put the skills she learnt in Braavos to use again in order to tick another name off her famous list. They think Arya will kill Jamie Lannister and make a mask of his face, then travel to King’s Landing and kill Cersei. Technically this would still fit in with the Valonqar prophecy as Arya would be wearing Jamie’s face while killing Cersei.

Daenerys is pregnant with Jon’s baby

We all know how last season ended, with Jon and Dany shacking up on the boat to Westeros. Even though Dany believes that she cannot have children since she sacrificed her unborn child to save Khal Drogo in season 1 (spoiler: it didn’t work), many fans believe that the death of Viserion will pay for the life of a new child. Plus, all throughout season 7 there was a lot of talk about Dany and children, so…

Jon will kill Daenerys

We literally can’t even contemplate this because Jaeneyrs is our new fave couple, even if they are related. This goes back to the Azor Ahai prophecy (more on that later), but there’s a theory that says the legend will only come true if the sword is quenched in “living” fire. Plus, in the original Azor Ahai legend, the hero forges his sword by stabbing his wife Nissa Nissa, so if Jon Snow is Azor Ahai then it could mean he has to kill a loved one – aka Daenerys.  We’re seriously hoping this doesn’t have to happen.

Bran is the Night King

Bran is almost definitely The Three-Eyed Raven, but could he also be The Night King? He’s been the subject of much speculation from fans who believe that he travels back in time to stop The Night King but it all goes wrong. We’ve already seen that the two are linked somehow since The Night King always knows when Bran is ‘warging’ nearby so it’s looking more and more likely that this theory could be a reality.

Cleganebowl will finally happen

The long-anticipated showdown between The Hound, aka Sandor Clegane, and The Mountain, aka Gregor Clegane, has been one of the biggest fan theories since season 1, and since it didn’t happen as predicted in season 7, fans are pretty certain that we’ll finally get to see it in season 8. In the season 7 finale, The Hound tells The Mountain “What did they do to you? Doesn’t matter. That’s not how it ends for you brother. You know who’s coming for you. You’ve always known.” If that isn’t foreshadowing then we don’t know what is.

Ned Stark will come back

We know this sounds crazy, but hear us out. According to this theory, Jaqen H’ghar of the Faceless Men and Ned Stark were both kept prisoner at the same time in the Red Keep. In season 1, Arya first encounters Jaqen when he’s being transported out of the Red Keep, but it seems strange that a Faceless Man would be so easily captured and imprisoned. So the theory goes that Jaqen was captured on purpose and paid by Varys to replace Ned Stark at his execution, and Ned has been in hiding ever since and is planning his return.

Another side to the Ned Stark returns theory is that Ned did die back in season 1 and he comes back as the undead. In the season 8 trailer we see Arya looking terrified and running away from something, or someone, in Winterfell, and since Arya is pretty fearless, fans are speculating that the thing chasing her must be something psychologically damaging like a dead family member reanimated by the Night King, like Ned Stark?

Tyrion is a Targaryen

One of the biggest plot lines to happen in season 8 will be Jon finding out he is a Targaryen, but fans are also speculating that Tyrion might be the third prophesied head of the dragon, along with Jon and Dany. The theory is that Tyrion’s mother, Joanna Lannister, had an affair with the mad King Aerys Targaryen, which might explain why Tywin hates Tyrion so much and why he is heard saying “you’re no son of mine” to him. There’s also been a strong bond between Tyrion and Daenerys since they met, with Dany trusting him more than anyone else and Tyrion showing serious loyalty to her.

Azor Ahai will be revealed

Azor Ahai is one of the most important prophecies in GOT; Azor Ahai is a legendary hero who fought against the darkness with a red sword. Melisandre states that The Prince (or Princess) Who Was Promised will have the blood of the dragon and will be reborn in smoke and salt –  she’s been holding out for Azor’s return for a while now but we’re pretty sure that all will finally be revealed in season 8. There are loads of theories as to who Azor Ahai could be, Jon Snow and Daenerys are generally the most popular candidates but other characters like Sam Tarly, Tyrion, Ser Davos and even The Hound are also contenders. We guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Sansa will die

Sansa Stark has had one of the most tragic storylines in the plot so far, but this theory would be the cruellest fate for her. In the season 8 trailer, we see Jon, Arya and Sansa standing in front of their own graves in the Winterfell crypts, while Sansa and Arya’s statues appear to be modelled on their current age Jon’s appears to be an older version of himself leading fans to believe that the Stark sisters will die. Another part of this theory looks at how Sansa greets Dany at Winterfell saying, “Winterfell is yours” which is the exact same way Ned Stark greeted Robert Baratheon back in season 1, and we all know what happened to Ned. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Maisie Williams told everyone to pay particular attention to the parallels between the first and last seasons.

Tyrion will betray Daenerys

Last season we saw Tyrion meeting with Cersei after she initially denied Daenerys’ truce. He noticed she was pregnant but most of their conversation was off-screen, and after speaking with Cersei she had a totally different position and agreed to fight with Jon and Dany in the Great War, which has lead to theories that he made some kind of deal with her to secure her place on the Iron Throne.

Bran built the wall

For those who haven’t read the books, Bran the Builder is the Stark ancestor who built The Wall 8000 years before the events we see in the books and show. Many fans believe that Bran Stark and Bran the Builder are the same person because of his ‘warging’ abilities, after all, we’ve already seen him go back and forth in time and change events. Since he’s aware of the White Walkers in the present day it could be plausible that he travelled back in time and built The Wall to keep them out. The whole time travel part of this theory is confusing, but if we don’t get any resolution to this in season 8 then expect it in the upcoming prequel.

The White Walkers will win

It’s an unpopular theory as to how the whole story will end, but given that Game of Thrones has a history of shocking plot twists and killing off beloved characters it could actually happen this way. Consider where season 7 left off, with The Night King turning Dany’s dragon into a White Walker dragon and then using it to tear down The Wall (aka the only thing keeping the walkers from the humans), things aren’t looking too good for the living. Obviously, we hope this doesn’t actually happen, but…

Samwell Tarly has been telling the story of Game of Thrones this whole time

Similar to the way Bilbo Baggins is the “author” of The Hobbit, fans have theorised that A Song of Ice and Fire is a history being written by Sam Tarly. In a scene in the Citadel library, Sam can be seen standing under a gyroscope that’s eerily similar to the one in the opening credits of the show. Plus, in season 7 a conversation between Sam and Archmaester Ebrose seemed to confirm this theory, when Sam suggests a more poetic title (eg A Song of Ice and Fire) for The Chronicles of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert I – a history Ebrose is writing. If true, it would definitely be one of the most infuriating plot twists in the saga.

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