10 thoughts and feels we had during the GoT season 8 premiere

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It’s been a looong wait but finally season 8 of Game of Thrones has aired, after almost two years (597 days to be exact) since season 7. Yes, it’s been that long but boy, it was worth the wait. Whilst our favourite characters are gearing up to take on the army of the dead, we’re reminiscing on the episode that was, and getting alllll the feels.

From magical dragon rides to v.important family ties, here are 10 moments from the season premiere that had us shook.

WARNING: major spoilers ahead for episode 1 of season 8.

First of all, let’s talk about the opening credits. The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros have had a major makeover and it’s beautiful. Featuring the same clockwork-style and haunting theme tune that instantly immerses us into the GoT realm, it’s packed with spoilers and clues that are easily missed if you aren’t paying attention. We gasped at the massive chunk of The Wall that Viserion (the now White Walker dragon) blitzed at the end of season 7!

We caught all the feels at the family reunion

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The real spoiler of this episode is that there weren’t loads of the jaw-dropping death scenes, bloodsoaked battles or backstabbing betrayals that we’re used to with GoT. It was more about character reunions, both joyful and somewhat awkward, and the much anticipated reunion of the surviving Stark siblings (finally!).

Think Jon and the now unbothered by anything Bran; Sansa and Jon; Arya and Jon, Sansa and Daenerys; Sansa and ex-hubby Tyrion Lannister; Sam Tarly and Jon, and Jaime Lannister and Bran. Yep, reunions everywhere. The good thing is now that all the pleasantries are out the way, there’s more screen time for the all the fun stuff that awaits (read: blood and gore).

Jon and Arya reunite and we’re not crying, you are

Nothing like a sibling reunion ey. We once again get a glimpse of Arya’s Valyrian dagger and sword, named Needle, which Jon gave to her before he left for the Night’s Watch. After a tear-inducing hug out with her big bro, Arya (now a stealthy assassin) takes a moment to remind Jon that even though he has bent the knee to Queen Dany, he’s still a Stark and makes it clear that she’s on Sansa’s side no matter what. Blood is thicker than water when it comes to the Starks.

Battle of the shady ladies; Sansa vs Daenarys

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Despite having told Daenarys that Winterfell is at her disposal, Sansa won’t be bending her knee to the Targaryen Queen any time soon. Although it’s not uncommon for a sister not to get along with her brother’s girlfriend, we’re a little concerned that Dany may try to change Sansa’s mind with some stronger persuasion methods – by which we mean with her dragons. It’s no secret that Dany has burned men for a lot less.

We’re loving the new couple on the scene #Gendrya

Arya met up with blacksmith Gendry, the illegitimate child of the late King Robert Baratheon, with a request that he forge a weapon she had designed, to be made out of dragon glass, the only element that can kill White Walkers. Gendry accepts her request and some obvious flirting ensues, but we’re not surprised.

Also, remember when Ned Stark still had a head and shared a heart-to-heart moment with King Robert about joining their two houses? King Robert was referring to marry Joffrey (ugh) and Sansa at the time, so it looks like there could be real potential of coupling the houses with this duo after all. #Gendryaforever.

We went on a magical dragon ride

There may not have been many deaths so far, but there was a fun interlude where our girl Dany coaches our boy Jon to ride a dragon – and it’s as exciting as it sounds. With Jon on Rhaegal and Dany on Drogon, they both swoop through snowy valleys and ride through the North while Dany laughs at Jon’s struggle to hold on. The scene shows their relationship developing before ending with Jon keeping his Queen ‘warm’. The dragon ride scene proves that they’re obviously head over heels for one another, which makes us worried considering that everyone, except Jon at this point, knows about his true parentage. Speaking of which…  

We’re so relieved, Jon finally knows something

So, Daenerys and Jorah Mormont are looking for Samwell Tarly to thank him for curing Jorah of the Greyscale disease (not cute). Sam, the heart and soul of the entire series, finds out in a painful reveal that Dany burned both his father and brother alive with her dragons for not bending the knee. Upset Sam excuses himself and stumbles across a frankly quite chill Bran, who instructs him that it’s now time to tell Jon about his true heritage. So Sam confronts Jon, insistently trying to convince him that he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Dun dun duuun.

At this point Sam has brought to light what was really in the back of everyone’s mind. Daenerys may be the liberator of slaves and overthrower of tyrants, but she is also pretty merciless, causing us to pause for a second and reconsider her as a heroine. Will Jon tell her of his real identity now or will he wait until after they defeat the White Walkers? And if he ever does, will Dany bend the knee, or will she still take her place on the throne, considering how much she’s given up to get there? Our guess is it’s a hard no.

We’re not quite sure which shocked him more: the fact that he is the King of all Seven Kingdoms (which doesn’t exactly help with his current identity crisis), or that he hooked up with his own aunt. Ick.

Cersei didn’t get her elephants and we can relate

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Down South at sunny King’s Landing, Queen Cersei finally meets her (expensive) Golden Army, but is disappointed when Euron Greyjoy tells her that they weren’t able to bring her the elephants she was promised. Boo. Apparently elephants aren’t great when travelling on boats, who knew? Euron then makes sleazy advances at Cersei to which she responds ‘If you want a whore, buy one. If you want a Queen, earn her’, instantly warranting a slow clap from us for being the best pick-up line shutdown ever.

However, we were shocked that she actually gave in, even after pointing out to Euron that he was ‘the most arrogant man’ she’s ever met, but we guess bad men have always been her Achilles’ heel. After their ‘affair’, Euron said he’s going to put a prince in her belly but isn’t she already preggo with brother Jaime’s fourth child? Or did she lie to the King Slayer to keep him from betraying her again? Either way, it hasn’t stopped her sipping on copious amounts of wine. We never really know what Cersei has up her sleeve so we’re going to follow her lead on this one. She never disappoints.

Umm, so where are the White Walkers?

Further up North, Tormund Giantsbane, Dolorous Edd and Beric Dondarrion discovered a warning to the rest of Westeros left by the Night King himself, confirming that his army is now between them and Winterfell. Found impaled on a wall at House Umber’s keep, Ned Umber was ‘decorated’ with human legs and arms all around him, in a creepy, gory pinwheel pattern. Shockingly, the little Lord comes back to life, with telltale blue White Walker eyes, letting off a spine-tingling shriek before being swiftly killed by Beric with his fiery sword.

At this point in the episode we were pretty sad that GoT’s boogie man, the Night King, hadn’t made his debut yet but at least now we know it won’t be long until he’ll be knocking at Winterfell’s gates. But rewind back to the opening credits; remember how the first camera swooped through the hole in the wall and then over Winterfell? Could it be that the opening holds clues to the path that the army of White Walkers are taking through Westeros or is it purely coincidence?

Brrr: Jaime and Bran meet again and it’s ice cold

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Upon arriving at Winterfell, the handsome Kingslayer Jaime falls victim to Bran (who appears to hang out in Winterfell’s courtyard a lot), and his judgemental stare. Jaime realises that the boy he pushed out of a window all those years ago, after witnessing him getting cosy with his sis Cersei, had survived and was sitting. right. there. 

We like to think that Bran sees the world differently now (with his new found powers and all), and has no time for revenge or petty squabbles, but we’re really not sure on this one – Jaime did put him in a wheelchair. Plus, it’d be heartbreaking if he were to kill off pretty Jaime so soon.

So, all in all, episode one may have been a slow burner, but we’re treating this season as a marathon and not a race, considering the inevitable void that awaits us at the end of it all. If like us you can. not. wait for the next episode, GoT have only gone and released a sneak peak of episode two – BRB while we grab more wine.

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