OMG, Ariana Grande has been cast in a new Netflix film called Prom

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Whether it’s a new album, high street merch or even the opening of an envelope, if Ariana Grande is involved, we’re there. So when we heard that Ariana was set to star in a new musical film coming to Netflix, we got excited.

Called ‘Prom’, it follows the story of two Broadway stars who try to bring LGBTQ+ awareness to a school in Indiana, America. An adaption of an existing award-winning musical, it’s being adapted for Netflix by the legendary screenwriter, director and producer Ryan Murphy, whose most famous work includes the TV shows Glee, American Horror Story and Pose. 

Oh, and did we forget to mention that Ariana will be playing Alyssa, the popular girl in school, alongside such legendary A-listers as Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep and James Corden? Yeah, no big deal. 

Prom isn’t due for release until autumn 2020, but as they say, some things are worth the wait…