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Revealed: The 4 moves that give JLo THAT body

Always-on-the-go actress, singer, dancer and mother of two Jennifer Lopez definitely gives it her all in life, and her workout is no exception; a lot of work goes into keeping her world-famous figure in shape. Now not all of us are naturally blessed with shapely derrières, but the good news is a great butt is totally
LIFESTYLE Giant Unicorn Sprinkler

This 6ft unicorn sprinkler is exactly what your garden needs this summer

Last summer the world went crazy for novelty pool inflatables in the shape of unicorns, avocados, doughnuts and more; did you even go on holiday if you didn’t Instagram one of them? So what is this summer’s Instagram sensation? A giant 6ft tall unicorn sprinkler for your garden of course; we must buy it immediately. Regular sprinklers are so last year,
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