TV & MOVIES love island 2019

This is the official start date of Love Island 2019

Not to be dramatic or anything, but Love Island 2018 was the highlight of our summer. The TV show has been confirmed for a fifth series which starts super soon, and we’re more than excited about it. So in the interest of being well informed, we’ve done some research into this year’s series, including all the rumoured
CELEBRITY LIFESTYLE celeb scandals quiz

Quiz: Which celeb scandal would you be involved in?

Which celeb scandal are you?Kylie Jenner’s secret pregnancyCongratulations, you pulled off one of the biggest publicity stunts ever. Even though we all basically knew Kylie was preggers, she still managed to keep it top secret for months then just casually announced it on Instagram like it was nbd, proving just how sneaky the KarJenners can
GOOD LIVING best cheap airbnbs

18 amazing Airbnbs you won’t believe are under £90

Anyone else in desperate need of a holiday? We find ourselves scrolling through holiday websites almost daily, but sadly our budgets just won’t allow us to take the 12 holidays a year we truly deserve. So in the interest of not breaking the bank and taking a much-needed break, we’ve scoured the internet and found
GOOD LIVING what is tiktok

Why TikTok might be gone by this time next year

Haven’t heard of TikTok? And no, it’s not Ke$ha’s hit 2009 single. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, TikTok is the latest ‘it’ app to hit smartphones. Last year it was the world’s most downloaded app, beating the likes of Instagram and Snapchat and it already has

The most instagrammable Airbnb’s you can actually stay in

So according to our Instagram feeds, everyone is on holiday. Which means that naturally, as we scroll lustfully, drinking instant coffee at our desks (because payday feels so far away) our mind can’t help but wander to our next holiday destination, and more importantly, our next vacay Airbnb. So, in the interest of much needed

NBD, Beyoncé just casually dropped a new album & Netflix doc

Cancel everything, Beyoncé’s new Netflix documentary, Homecoming, just launched, along with a new live album and some exclusive merch. The 2hr 17m documentary is titled ‘Homecoming’ and launched today, 17 April 2019. Netflix states, “This intimate, in-depth look at Beyoncé's celebrated 2018 Coachella performance reveals the emotional road from creative concept to cultural movement.” Wow.
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