The 8 moves that helped Khloe bounce back after baby True

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I think we’d all agree, Khloe Kardashian is actual body goals, and she’s had a baby, so naturally we’d give our right arm to get a sneak peek into her workout routine. You too? Well you’re in luck, as legendary trainer, Joel Bouraïma (AKA Coach Joe) has shared a high intensity workout he does with Khloe herself. And there’s a video.

Does it look gut-wrenchingly tough? Yep. Are we up for the challenge? Absolutely. If it’s good enough for Khloe…

All you need is a gym (there’s quite a bit of equipment involved), a partner (if you like) and the video playing for extra motivation…

Khloe’s workout:

  1. Warm-up: Side Step with Medicine Ball – 30 seconds x 4
  2. Tricep Dip + Tricep Push-Up – 10 reps each x 4
  3. Forearm Planks + Mountain Climbers – 15 seconds each x 4
  4. Thruster (Squat + Curl + Overhead press with dumbbells) – 10 reps x 4
  5. Leg Raises – 10 reps per side x 2 with 10 second hold
  6. Side Leg Raises – 10 reps per side x 2 with 10 second hold
  7. Step Ups – 10 reps per leg x 2  
  8. Single Arm Partner Plank – 15 seconds per arm x 2



To do this workout, you’ll need to find the below equipment at your gym.

  1. Terra Core or Bosu Ball
  2. Medium weight medicine ball
  3. Bench or elevated box
  4. Medium weight dumbbells
  5. Mat (for core work)
  6. Partner (or Resistance band!)

Media: Good American & @Khloekardashian