You can now get a GoT Iron Throne for your pets and LOL

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We’re all still reeling and recovering from this week’s incredible episode of Game of Thrones, but the real battle for the throne is still very much to come. While everyone else is debating who’ll win the Iron Throne – will it be Jon? Or Dany? Or Cersei? Or even Arya – we know exactly who it’s going to be: our furry four-legged friends. Ok, not exactly, but we’ve just discovered that you can buy a pet bed version of the Iron Throne. God bless the internet.

game of thrones iron throne pet bed etsy

Etsy shop Made For Pets has a whole range of crazy pet beds and accessories, but our favourite by far has to be the Iron Throne, which is perfect for your very own direwolf to rule over the seven kingdoms. But don’t worry, it’s not actually made of swords like the real thing, this pet-friendly version is made from soft foam rubber covered in fabric with a comfy pillow inside for your little king or queen to sit atop. The listing even says two pets can comfortably share the Iron Throne, something we can’t see happening on the show, but super cute IRL. Ok, it will set you back $272 but it’s pretty freaking epic, and we think the future ruler of Westeros deserves nothing but the best.

Images: Etsy/Made For Pets