27 hilarious gifs that capture the struggle of Christmas shopping

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or is it? Don’t get us wrong, we love Christmas, but shopping for all those gifts can be a real struggle, like, a real struggle. The list of people to buy for is never ending, the shops are stressfully busy and we have no money; it’s really hard. So to get you (and us) through we’ve rounded up 27 gifs which perfectly sum up the struggle. Prepare for lolz…

It’s time, who’s gonna make the list?

Deciding what to buy people

When you ask everyone what they want and they all say “I don’t know”

When your friends and family have already bought and wrapped all their presents

You’ve procrastinated all December, but now it’s the 23rd

Why are you like this?

But the thought of going fills you with utter dread

And you have zero money to buy anything

You’ve summoned enough courage to face the crowds

But it’s carnage

And there’s Christmas music in every shop

And the list is never ending

And all you want to do is buy presents for yourself

You finally find the perfect gift but the price tag is a no go

So the anger sets in

Because you’ve been shopping all day and have nothing to show for it

You’ll buy just about anything at this point

So you resort to online shopping instead

You just know you’ll get the wrong thing

You’re about to give up hope

But then, you finally find the perfect gift

And you just make the last delivery slot

Time for a well deserved glass of wine

Before all the wrapping starts

The relief when it’s all over

And you promise yourself next year will be different

But whatever, it’s all done now and IT’S CHRISTMAS!

Image: Elf, New Line Cinema