The average cost of a hangover has been worked out and it’ll surprise you

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We’ve all been there: the morning after the night before, where literally all you want to do is eat and treat yo’self. 

But turns out, all that self-care comes at a price, as Barclays recently revealed that the average cost of a hangover is £19.60, with 11% of the British population regularly spending more than £30 on remedying the night before – erm, say what?! 

Coupled with all the money already spent on alcohol and/or club entry, it’s no wonder weekends are regularly making obscenely large dents in our wallets. 

So what exactly is the hangover money going on? Food is usually the biggest offender, with many of us opting for overpriced but oh-so-delicious takeaways (Domino’s we’re looking at you) to ease our pain. Then there are  the things we break/ruin/destroy, plus the flights we miss, and finally there’s the fact that in our sorry states, we buy things we never usually would.

Laura* admitted to buying a kitten online and going to pick it up in a local Costa because she wanted ‘something to cuddle’, whilst Jack*, a 40-year-old from London said, “I bought £200 worth of Bitcoin while hungover about five years ago and set a password I have no chance of remembering. At one point it was worth about £12,000.”

Oof. That’s gotta hurt.

Then there’s Anna*, a marketing exec from Liverpool, who told Refinery29 “I booked a holiday to Beirut, the flights were non-refundable so I had to make it work but it wasn’t necessarily my plan that year – for the one holiday I could afford to be alone in Lebanon.”

Moral of the story: Stop drinking? Probably not, but being mindful of just how much you’re drinking is always a good thing. And just remember to budget for the morning after as well as the night before… 

*Names have been changed (for obvious reasons)

Image: HBO