North West directed a music video & NGL it’s pretty good

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Whether they’re releasing a new beauty line, starring in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show or just entertaining us on KUWTK, we’re unashamedly obsessed with the Kardashians #sorrynotsorry.

And the ‘Kardashian of the moment’ crown goes to – yep, you guessed it – Miss North West. The girl is an actual mood and since mastering the art of fashion and styling it seems she’s moved on to bigger and better things – aka directing her first music video. And it’s actually amazing.

The video – featuring Kim K herself – shows North dancing along to Lil Nas’ X’s Old Town Road song and we have literally watched it 17 times (and counting). The mother/daughter duo are hanging out at home after the birth of Kim and Kanye’s baby son – who is presumably sleeping soundly throughout.

Kim shared the video on her Instagram page, along with the caption “What we do on maternity leave…. Directed and Choreographed by North 🤠 @lilnasx”.

Lil Nas was clearly buzzing (and can you blame him?) commenting, “No wayyy i love you guys for this”, before Kim shared an adorable pic of him, Kanye and North on Twitter.

North West, can we please be you when we grow up?