We’re living for these OTT Met gala moments

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The Met Gala is without a doubt the most OTT event of the year – from dresses to hats and props there’s always a lot going on – but theme it ‘Camp’ and you’ve got yourself a whole new level of extra. So in honour of the celebs that really committed, and to shame those that didn’t (Gwynnie, we’re looking at you) we’ve rounded up the top 6 OTT Met Gala moments of 2019. Celeb land, we salute you.

The moment Zendaya’s Cinderella dress got literally ‘lit’

The party don’t start ‘til Billy Porter walks in gets carried in on a palanquin

Katy Perry wearing a burger

Cardi B’s 5 metre wide dress

Michael Urie slaying a half dress/half tuxedo ensemble