Love Island’s Zara & Adam have split & tbh we’re not that surprised…

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Love Island seems like a distant memory. We’d have almost forgotten that long summer we lived vicariously through a group of young, hot singletons searching for love in Mallorca – if it weren’t for the constant stream of news that all of our favourite couples have broken up. With the news of Zara and Adam’s split (are you surprised though) we got to thinking who is even still together? Here’s your definitive list of who’s been mugged off and who’s still coupled up…

Kaz and Josh – Split

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After coming third on the show, the couple announced their split in January 2019. Rumours of a split started circulating in December 2018 when Josh was noticeably absent from the Love Island Christmas special, but apparently, they actually split a few weeks before the official announcement. Shame.

Megan and Wes – Split

Even though they looked particularly loved up on the Christmas special, things weren’t as good as they seemed for Megan and Wes since they announced their split in January 2019. There was major tension between Megan and Wes’s Dancing On Ice partner, Vanessa Bauer, which apparently contributed to the break-up.

Jack and Dani – Together

It’s official, Jack and Dani are the last surviving couple from Love Island 2018. Despite a brief “break-up” in December which turned out to be a misunderstanding, the couple appear to be going strong having moved in together last year and Jack even hinting that 2019 could be the year of a Jani wedding. However, an inside source tells us that in a recent radio interview things were far from peachy behind the scenes. Watch this space…

Adam and Zara – Split

If there was one couple we could’ve put money on not lasting outside of the villa, it was Adam and Zara. But they surprised us all and appeared to be massively loved up, until now. A source claimed that the couple spent the weeks prior to the split having “furious arguments” and that they were due to go on a romantic holiday to the Maldives together but will obviously no longer be going. Er, can we go instead?

Laura and Paul – Split

It is just us or did you totally forget that Laura and Paul finished second on Love Island? Anyway, seems like that didn’t help their relationship since the pair broke up in September 2018, with Paul telling The Sun: “We weren’t compatible for each other”. Chin up Laura, you were too good for him anyway.

Jack and Laura – Split

Since Jack and Laura never actually made their relationship official, did they actually officially break up? Well turns out they did break things off in August with Laura stating “Sadly Jack and I have both decided to go our separate ways due to such busy schedules right now and not having the time to spend together”. Another couple bites the dust.

Georgia and Sam – Split

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Their time in the villa together was dramatic AF with countless ups and downs before refusing to recouple and leaving the island together. In October they announced their split, and tbh their relationship has been just as dramatic ever since; Sam claimed Georgia had been unfaithful with her ex which she denied. It got really complicated guys, watch the Love Island Christmas special if you want a better understanding of it, although we’re not sure that’ll help much…

Charlie and Ellie – Split

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After leaving the villa, Charlie and Ellie wasted no time jetting off on expensive holidays and living the life of a happy couple, but apparently they had an almighty row at the filming of Love Island: The Reunion and things went downhill from there. The pair both announced the split in September, and to be honest, we weren’t that shocked.

Samira and Frankie – Split

Not gonna lie, we were low-key devo when Samira and Frankie became the first couple to split in August. Samira had spent so long finding her perfect partner and they seemed so loved up. But alas, it wasn’t to be with Samira releasing a statement that she was “taking some time out from her relationship with Frankie to focus on herself and future work opportunities.” Or could it have had something to do with the footage of Frankie reportedly kissing another girl in a club?…

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