Did Louis Tomlinson just confirm a 1D reunion?

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It’s been a long and painful 1246 days (not that anyone’s counting) since One Direction went on an indefinite hiatus to focus on their personal lives and solo careers, and broke millions of hearts all over the world while doing it.

Since then, they’ve all been successfully doing their own thing, yet fans can’t help but miss them as a group. Niall initially stated they would be back after 18 months – which obviously never happened, but lately there have been more talks of a potential reunion…

Speaking to ITN, Louis said that their comeback is “inevitable,” they just need to figure out the timing of it. Here’s a suggestion, boys: right now. And maybe make up with Zayn too, so we can really go back to how it used to be.

After all, 2019 seems to be the perfect time for it: we got the Jonas Brothers back, Miley Cyrus suddenly looks and dresses like Hannah Montana again, and everyone’s wearing tie-dye like it’s 2012. Let’s hope the re-emergence of our favourite boyband is up next!