What the heck is going on with James Charles RN?

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As you’ll surely know (and if not, where have you been?!) James Charles has been involved in a lot of drama recently, and keeping up with it all is pretty darn hard. So, for your convenience, here’s a summary of pretty much every important thing that’s happened so far, from hair vitamins to shady tweets.


On 10th May, Tati Westbrook posted a 40-plus-minute video titled BYE SISTER … and we can all guess who it was about. In it, she gives background information on her friendship with James, explaining that she helped him earn millions of dollars when brands didn’t really want to work with him due to his first Sister Scandal, plus she reveals he also did her makeup on her wedding day back in 2017. Sounds like a great friendship, right?

Wrong. It all went to hell when James decided to promote Sugar Bear Hair on his Instagram story. Now, you may be confused as to why that would be a problem, but Tati actually owns a brand called Halo Beauty, which sells vitamins that stimulate hair growth, making Sugar Bear Hair a big competitor of hers. Ouch.  Feeling hurt and betrayed, Tati decided to expose some of James’s unacceptable behaviour, telling a story about him making some inappropriate comments about a straight waiter at a restaurant – and saying it’s okay because “he’s a celebrity” (remember this bit, it’ll be important as the drama unfolds).

This is where the tea gets even hotter. After Tati’s video, several people shared their experiences with James coming onto straight guys and disregarding their sexuality. These guys include the waiter, kids at James’s old school, and celebrities. He apparently DM’d Zara Larsson’s boyfriend knowing he was straight and is known to continuously write sexual comments under Shawn Mendes’s pics.

Losing followers

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This scandal had a crazy effect on James’s social media. He lost almost 3 million subscribers (he was the first ever youtuber to lose a million followers in 24 hours, probably not the kind of record he wanted to break…) and many of his celebrity friends including Kylie Jenner and his Sister Squad unfollowed him. This is a pretty huge deal.

A danger to society?

Of course Jeffree Star, fellow Youtuber and beauty mogul, had to get involved; he’s been friends with James for a while after all. In some very interesting tweets that have since been deleted, Jeffree calls James a predator and a danger to society and says he’s been banned from the Star mansion for a while now. He has now apologised for being so public about it all, but says he doesn’t take back anything he said. Guess we won’t see any more collabs from those two, then…

James’s response

James stayed relatively quiet as all hell broke loose. His first apology video, simply titled ‘Tati’, was a scripted mess that absolutely nobody bought.

However, he’s now back with another video showing screenshots and receipts proving his possible innocence. For example, the celebrity comment was justified by James allegedly using ‘famous’ as an adjective to describe pretty much anything. So, if you had a good day, you could say you had a ‘famous’ day. Hence, his comment about the straight waiter fancying him because he’s ‘famous’ just means that he thinks he’s attractive enough for straight guys to like him, and isn’t to do with his celebrity status. Confused? Us too.

Nonetheless, his fans are seemingly back on board. After posting his new video, his subscriber count quickly started going up again… Is Sister James back? Or have there been too many scandals for him to truly recover? Let us know what you think!