9 hacks to decorate your tiny flat like a pro

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We get it, small rooms and apartments are a fact of life; whether you’re moving into student halls or a teeny tiny flatshare, you’re pretty much guaranteed to come across the minefield of decorating one at some point in your life. Decorating small spaces can feel like a jigsaw puzzle; you’re trying to squeeze everything you need into a space made for borrowers whilst maintaining as much free space as you can. Yep, full nightmare. But believe it or not, it is possible to decorate your tiny space without compromising on style, space or stuff. We’ve rounded up nine pro tips to make the most of your space by maximising every square foot and keeping it stylish af.

Utilise vertical space

Image: Clara Jung

Obviously, the biggest problem with small rooms is the lack of floor space, but by crowding the space you do have, you’ll just end up making the room feel smaller. The easiest way to maximise your space is by utilising walls: try wall-mounted lights instead of floor lamps, use floating furniture like nightstands and shelves, hang curtains higher than the actual height of the window to create the illusion of a bigger window and take advantage of under bed storage to free up floor space and minimise clutter.

Make sure your furniture is working hard

Image: Domino.com

Space is at a premium in small flats so make sure the furniture you choose is working overtime. We’re talking multi-purpose pieces that do double duty as functional furniture and storage – like a bed with built-in drawers or a sofa that also doubles as a sofa bed. Another great option to consider is furniture that can be folded away out of sight when it isn’t in use – like a folding dining table or desk.

Lighting is your friend

Image: Wayfair

Great lighting is a godsend for pretty much everything – selfies included – but it’ll really do wonders for a small space, so don’t neglect it. If you can, utilise natural light by keeping windows clear of clutter and curtains. If your space has little to no natural light make sure you stock up on artificial lighting like wall mounted lights,  sleek table lamps and statement pendant lighting.

Mirrors will double your space

Image: Urban Outfitters

Another great tip to create the illusion of a bigger space is using mirrors – and, sidenote, they’re great for last-minute outfit checks as well. By adding mirrors you can basically ‘double’ your space by reflecting light around the room and by giving the illusion of more square footage. Make a statement by adding mirrors to a gallery wall or keep it sleek by adding one big floor to ceiling mirror.

Pick a big rug

Image: hkliving.nl

This might sound like a counter-intuitive idea, but hear us out. Using a tiny rug will actually end up making a room feel smaller because it draws the eye down to a smaller area of floor space; instead pick a bigger rug that fits most of the furniture on it and ideally goes wall-to-wall.

Don’t dismiss bold colours

Image: Architectural Digest

Having a small space doesn’t mean you have to paint every wall white; you can still use bright colours without making your room any smaller. A bold or dark colour creates cosiness and more depth in a room, for example a deep jewel tone. Similarly, don’t shy away from patterned wallpaper in fear of overwhelming a room – instead, pick a pattern that draws the eye up the walls and distracts from the small space.

Keep it cohesive

Image: Society19

Because you have to fit the same amount of things into a small space as you would a bigger space, it can be easy to overwhelm and clutter the room. By sticking to a limited colour palette you’ll create fewer distractions and make a room feel calmer.

Add some plants

Image: Katrina Lee Chambers

Plant lovers rejoice because you’ve finally got an excuse to buy yet more plants (not that we needed it mind you). Use tall plants to create height, small plants to fill awkward spaces and hanging plants to maximise floor space. Steer away from giant leafy plants which will dominate space and minimise natural light. Aside from looking great, plants also help with oxygen circulation so will help the room feel airier and fresher – bonus!

Stay tidy

Image: Liv For Interiors

Sounds obvious, but mess makes a room feel so much smaller. By staying tidy and maximising storage you’re already making a room feel so much bigger; time to ditch the floordrobe then…

Image: IKEA