IKEA’s new collection is a plant lover’s dream

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Question: Is it even possible to go to IKEA and not buy all of the plants? Definitely not. Even though we know that said plants will inevitably die in our care, we still keep going back for more and stock the hell up every time we pass through the market place. Well, turns out IKEA’s new collection is tempting our inner plant lady even more than usual. The new SOMMAR 2019 features adorable brightly coloured planters, vases and, of course, plants; plus, they’ve got some killer artificial greenery – at least we can’t kill those. If you need us, we’ll be killing buying plants from IKEA…

ikea euphorbia cactus
Euphorbia cactus, £15
ikea blue vases
Set of 3 blue vases, £3.75
ikea patterned plant pots
Set of 2 patterned plant pots, £4
ikea gold watering can
Ivory and gold watering can, £9
ikea artificial alocasia plant
Artificial alocasia plant, £25
ikea pink plant pot
Pink plant pot, £1.50
ikea woven plant pot
Woven plant pot, £19
ikea white plant tray
White plant saucer, £1.50
ikea artificial eucalyptus
Artificial eucalyptus, £20
ikea white plant urn
White plant urn, £12
ikea bird of paradise plant
Bird of paradise plant, £19
ikea blue plant pot
Blue plant pot, £1.75
ikea wax plant
Wax plant, £6
ikea concrete planter
Concrete plant pot, £4.75
ikea artificial lavender plant
Artificial lavender plant, £10

Images: IKEA