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NBD, Kylie just gave a full tour of her gorgeous home

Us, nosy? Ok, you got us – we’re nosy AF and we’re not ashamed about it. We love snooping around the homes of the rich and famous as much as the next person (ok, maybe a little bit more), so when we spotted Architectural Digest had posted a tour of Kylie Jenner's gorgeous light- and art-filled
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Take a peek inside Kris Jenner’s epic walk-in wardrobe

When we think of Kris Jenner, we think of a level of extra-ness we can only dream of reaching; the woman has an entire wardrobe dedicated to Hermes Birkin bags for crying out loud! But it seems even she has outdone herself, in a recent tour of her epic multi-room walk-in wardrobe – multi-room, people

24 things every Aquarius should have in their home

Happy birthday Aquarius! To celebrate the start of Aquarius season (20 January - 18 February FYI) we’ve done what any normal human being would do and curated 24 perfect decor items every Aquarius needs in their home. Just call us mystic Meg. Aquarius is the most progressive sign of the zodiac, and with that comes
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Primark’s stylish new homeware range starts from just £1.50

It’s January, which means we’ll be in full-on hibernation mode for the foreseeable future – until at least March we reckon – and if there’s one thing guaranteed to make our environment better, it’s cute home decor. Thankfully Primark’s new homeware collection does just that, and luckily it’s all under £15 – well within our
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20 of the most extra celebrity Christmas decorations

Hands up who’s putting up their Christmas tree this weekend? We’ve been dying to start decorating, with Michael Bublé playing the in the background and copious amounts of mince pies and Baileys on hand. So just in case you need some festive inspo we’ve rounded up 20 of the most extra celebrity Christmas decorations, from