Take a peek inside Kris Jenner’s epic walk-in wardrobe

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When we think of Kris Jenner, we think of a level of extra-ness we can only dream of reaching; the woman has an entire wardrobe dedicated to Hermes Birkin bags for crying out loud! But it seems even she has outdone herself, in a recent tour of her epic multi-room walk-in wardrobe – multi-room, people – Kris gave us a lesson in being extra 2.0. Can we just move in already?

Her wardrobe is basically bigger than our entire house, so it’s unsurprising that Kris calls her wardrobe “one of my favourite places” – several rooms filled with 62 years of every designer label under the sun would be our favourite place, too.

Some of the highlights of the tour include the sunglasses station, a wall of bags with more Chanels than you could shake a stick at, floor to ceiling mirrors with ultra flattering selfie-ready lighting, oh and an entire room dedicated to shoes, with whole sections separating trainers, heels, flats and boots. Our personal favourite part? The personalised ‘Momager’ Goyard trunk which Khloe gave Kris for Christmas. So yeah, jealous is an understatement.

Image: YouTube, Judith Leiber Couture