The top 5 interiors trends that are ALL over Pinterest

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Hands up how many of you spend way too long pinning interiors inspo on Pinterest? Us too. Guilty. As. Charged. It’s like falling down a rabbit hole. Before we know it, hours have passed and we’re left with a burning desire to redecorate every room in our home.

If, like us, you’re always on the lookout for fresh ideas, you’re in luck: we caught up with insiders at Pinterest who have revealed to us the top 5 interiors trends that have been pinned like crazy in the last six months. There’s everything from marble-effect decor to velvet (yes, velvet!) touches. Get ready to start pinning…

5. Bar carts

It turns out we’re all going nuts for bar carts (a.k.a drinks trolleys) right now. Pinterest insiders told us that they’ve seen a 40% increase in the amount of bar cart ideas being pinned in the UK in the last six months.

We love this trend: all of a sudden having our very own mini bar is a need that’s up there with having a kettle and a toaster. There are a loads of super stylish ways to decorate them – and if you don’t fancy booze on wheels, you can use them as alternative shelving in your bathroom too.

bar cart 1
HJALMAREN trolley, £60
Kenzi bar trolley, £279
bar cart 3
Antique trolley, £290
bar cart 4
West Elm bar cart, £349
bar cart 5
 Serving trolley, £212.99
bar cart 6
Cora drinks trolley, £169

4. Velvet touches

Velvet was all over the autumn/winter 2016 catwalks, so it’s no surprise that we’re finding the trend creeping into our interior pins too. Pinterest tells us that velvet ideas for home decor has seen a 25% increase in searches in the last six months.

We’re talking velvet sofas, beds, curtains – you name it, in all kinds of rainbow bright and soft, pastel colours. And far from it’s Eighties hey-day, the way the fabric is being used now makes it the perfect choice for making a modern statement in your home that also feels homey.

velvet pillow
Velvet cover, £22.99
Velvet footstool, £129
velvet bed
Velvet bed, £749
velvet chair
Velvet chair, £445
velvet throw
Velvet throw, £120
velvet curtain
Velvet curtains, £70

3. Marble mania


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We aren’t exaggerating, there is marble mania in interiors world right now: Pinterest reports that they have seen a whopping 58% increase in marble-inspo pins in the last six months. Modern minimalists will love this trend, which can be worked into everything from your worktops to your wallpaper and all the little details in between. Side point: We need a marble-effect clock!

marble coasters
Marble coasters, £19.50
marble soap dispenser
Soap dispenser, £14
marble cheese board
Velvet curtains, £70
marble cushion
Marble-effect cushion, £36
marble clock
Cullen clock, £49
marble table
Nesting tables, £195

2. Ombre details

We’ve been rocking the ombre hair trend for a while now, and now it has made its way into our homes too. So what’s ombre? Essentially, ombre (which literally means ‘shade’ in French) is the gradual blending of one colour hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark.

Pinterest tells us that ombre shades for home decor has seen a 20% increase in pins in the last six months. From light-to-dark staircases and bookshelves to statement walls and drawers – it’s a great way to experiment with colour in your home. Just. So. Pretty.

ombre curtain
Ombre blackout curtains, £65
Paisley ombre blanket, £89.99
ombre painting
Ombre art paint, £41.99
ombre pillow
Ombre cushion, £38
ombre rug
Ombre rug, £179.99
ombre lamp
Ombre lamp, £66.99

1. Fiddle leaf fig plants

Changing our name to Big Leaf. 🌿😉

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Fiddle leaf what now?! Yep, Ficus Lyrata – aka fiddle leaf fig plants – is a species of fig tree, native to western Africa that grows in the tropical rain forest. It’s the green plant to have in your home according to Pinterest, who say they’ve seen a 35% increase in fiddle leaf fig pins in the last six months. Their big, lush, green leaves make a real statement in any room. J’adore!

fig leaves 4
Fig tree, £5.92
fig leaves 5
Fiddle leaf fig tree, £283.37
fig leaves 6
Fiddle leaf fig, £65.12
fig leaves 1
Ficus Lyrata, £24.95
fig leaves 2
Artificial Ficus, £24.99
fig leaves 3
Plusia potted plant, £3.75