24 things every Aquarius should have in their home

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Happy birthday Aquarius! To celebrate the start of Aquarius season (20 January – 18 February FYI) we’ve done what any normal human being would do and curated 24 perfect decor items every Aquarius needs in their home. Just call us mystic Meg.

Aquarius is the most progressive sign of the zodiac, and with that comes a love of all things modern and futuristic; so ditch the antiques and instead stock up on home gadgets and strong, graphic glass and metal furniture. Aquarius also happens to be one of the most social signs, so make sure you have a home perfectly suited to socialising; we’re talking plenty of comfy seating and enough barware to keep the drinks flowing. Aquarians are eccentric and never want to follow the crowd so accessorise your home with things that are totally unique to you, like a personalised gallery wall, which will also show off your natural creative flair and impeccable taste.

Colourwise, as the water bearer sign, Aquarians should fill their homes with plenty of vibrant blue tones, hints of silver, splashes of brighter colours and maybe even a fish tank. Aquarius is also an air sign which means they thrive in light, airy spaces with plenty of sunlight, plants and lamps.

maisons du monde blue velvet sofa
Blue velvet sofa, £263.50
google home mini
Google Home mini hands-free smart speaker, £29
desenio aquarius print
Aquarius wall art, £22.95
oliver bonas lamp
Glass and marble table lamp, £45
string of pearls plant
String of pearls plant, £15.99
oil slick cocktail set
Oil slick cocktail set, £20
blue bedding
Mountain duvet cover set, £35
agate coasters
Agate coasters, £14
Black metal and glass coffee table, £171.50
blue cushion cover
Corduroy cushion cover, £8.99
yellow cushion cover
Yellow velvet cushion cover, £6.99
pink velvet cushion cover
Pink velvet cushion cover, £6.99
aperol spritz print
Aperol Spritz poster, £6.95
barry the cactus
Black terrazzo plant pot with cactus, £12
shell bath mat
Shell bath mat, £13
oil slick cutlery
Oil slick cutlery set, £22
beach print
Beach poster, £6.95
paddywax candle
Paddywax pepper + oak candle, £13
h and m vase
Glass vase, £12.99
h and m mirror
Large asymmetric mirror, £59.99
keep cup
Keep Cup reusable coffee cup, £20
coloured shot glasses
Coloured shot glasses, £22
glass lamp shade
Glass lamp shade, £35
silver vase
Gunmetal grey glass vase, £18