This burrito blanket has made our actual dreams come true

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Let’s be real for a second. There’s nothing more satisfying than being in the comforting warmth of a blanket cocoon while binging on Netflix. Nothing. It’s like giving yourself a hug after a long day that you’d rather not repeat. A panacea for the soul, if you will.

And if, like us, you love Mexican food so much that you’d happily be reincarnated into a burrito in the next life, then you’re in luck. Taking comfort food to a whole new level, is selling ginormous tortilla blankets to fulfil all our human burrito dreams and we can’t wait to roll up in one.

Burrito blanket, £24.99


The incredibly realistic throw, which looks like it’s been toasted perfectly on a monstrous-sized skillet, is made of 100% plush microfibre and measures at around 5 ft – making it big enough for a two person filling. Just look at it, it’s practically begging to be filled with human.

Currently on sale for just £24.99 from £49.99, it’s the ultimate napping accessory we never knew we needed for our next food coma. BRB while we escape the outside world forevermore and transform into a couch burrito (while eating a burrito).