Best tiny space furniture buys under £100

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There’s something a little bit thrilling about decorating small homes, with tiny spaces encouraging you to get creative. It’s all about tricking the eye into thinking that the room is bigger than it actually appears, without having to compromise on style.

By smart styling with furniture that has maximum usage and minimal floor footprint, you can instantly elevate any abode into a heavenly oasis, whatever its size. To help, here are 10 of the best space-saving furniture buys that not only look great, but cost less than £100. Who says compact can’t be chic?

1. Rotating make-up organiser, £30.99


This 360 degree rotating organiser is perfect for storing your (mammoth) make-up stash; it looks cute, plus you’ll save some serious time rummaging through drawers in the morning. Each side features a selection of different sized shelves and 28 slots at the top for lipsticks, make-up brushes and more.

2. Over the door mirror, £98  


Perfect for those really lacking wall and floor space, this full-length mirror can be hung over any door and even doubles as extra storage. Framed with 18 LED lights, it can create the illusion of added space and light. Inside there is another mirror (perfect for make-up application), open shelf compartments that are shielded by acrylic panels (so nothing falls out) and a shelf with 15 openings designed to store lipsticks and make-up brushes. The inside of the door is lined with black velvet, 24 hooks for hanging jewellery and at the bottom there’s even an extra drawer and open shelf.

3. Standing storage rack, £35


For smaller homes, furniture with a tall and skinny profile is always a sure-fire win. This three tiered, rose gold bathroom caddy is a luxe way of storing all those bathroom essentials and is even perfect for accompanying a bedroom vanity unit.

4. Set of 2 vintage velvet ottoman, £59.90


Another amazingly simple space-saving furniture idea is this adorable ottoman set. Made with pink velvet and a high gloss gold metal base, it serves as extra storage for blankets, remotes and other bits and bobs. The lightweight seat (or footstool) can be easily moved around and makes a sophisticated addition to any room.

5. Coen side table, £55.99


Also known as a ‘C side table’ because of the one side ‘missing’, this attractive rose gold C table can hover over a chair or sofa as the base slides beneath the seat. Perfect for placing drinks and nibbles on whilst watching Netflix or a laptop for those who like to work while lounging.

6. Smart utility cart, £88.99  


A smart utility cart can be used as a mini mobile bar in the kitchen, a storage unit for cleaning products, or a holder for make-up and hair equipment in the bedroom. The possibilities are endless with this bad boy.

7. Wall shelves, £15


Anything raised off the floor will instantly make even the smallest of dwellings feel more spacious. Off-floor furniture like shelves can offer extra surface space to display items that’ll instantly brighten and personalise any room while allowing more floor movement space.

8. 16 pair storage boxes, £21.99


This incredibly versatile 16 piece storage box can be assembled to fit any space, nook or cranny. Each compartment is easy to construct and can be arranged to have wider or taller slots. Whether it’s placed in the hallway or in the corner of the room, it can be used to store shoes, books or as a fun display unit for showing off your adorable succulent collection.

9. Folding dining table, £95.99


Not blessed with enough square footage for a dining table? Not only can this double-sided folding table be folded out completely when there are extra mouths to feed, it can also fold out to become a desk and takes up almost zero floor space when it’s tucked away.

10. Mesh stacking shelves, 9.50


Place these handy stacking shelves inside cupboards to create extra storage space. They can be stacked on top of each other to compartmentalise items such as pots and pans while minimising clutter, plus, you won’t have things falling out (and breaking) when you open the cupboard. Bonus!