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Jet2 airlines is now serving Nando’s on flights

Jet2 just revolutionised flying by adding Nando’s to their inflight menu; yep, we’re talking PERi-PERi in the air - as if we needed another reason to book a holiday?! The budget airline is the first to serve Nando’s on their aeroplanes, and we for one, are very excited. What’s more? The products they’re serving are
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Quick! McDonald’s is giving away Spicy Veggie wraps this week

McDonald’s fans, vegetarians, and those of us who are feeling a little strapped for cash until payday, gather round and brace yourselves; fast food juggernaut McDonald’s is dishing out free Spicy Veggie Wraps to celebrate National Vegetarian Week, which takes place from 13 to 17 May. The wrap (which has unsurprisingly been a massive hit
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