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Starbucks are trialling Pink Flamingo Frappuccino

It’s been a hot minute since Starbucks last ventured into the multi-hued realm of Instagram-worthy Frappuccinos. Following the infamous Unicorn Frapp that sent the world into a frenzy, and just in time for warmer days ahead, the java giant has graced us once again with a new drink and it’s an absolute summer mood. Introducing:

So, Pret a Manger have just launched a dessert toast and YUM

High street food hero, Pret a Manger, has just unveiled a new spring menu that’s bursting with exciting dishes, including several vegan, veggie and gluten-free options. Trendy huh. But innovations and health fads aside, we’re most interested in one of their new sweet creations, which is, essentially, dessert toast. *drool*. In a first for the

This is how to get your Lindt bunny personalised for free

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the Lindt Bunny is the king of all Easter eggs. Is it even Easter if you don’t get one? Well Lindt lovers rejoice, because you can now get your fave bunny-shaped chocolate treat personalised with a message for a loved one (or, you know, yourself…) Selected
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In WTF news you can now nibble on Ryan Goslings face

Hey girl, we’ve just found exactly what we want for Easter this year, and it isn’t a regular chocolate egg. Round eggs are so last year, this year we want an egg in the shape of Ryan Gosling’s head. Luckily, the clever people at Chocolatician have made that a reality. He’s an actual snack. The
GOOD EATS weird food products from around the world

15 of the most WTF food combinations that nobody asked for

We’re no stranger to weird food - chicken nugget and gravy pizza anyone? But the launch of Papa John’s marmite stuffed crust pizza got us thinking about the strangest food combos that are actually available to buy, aka things no one ever asked for like Creme Egg Mayo or Sweet Potato flavoured KitKats – yep,
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