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18 secret Nando’s menu hacks you never knew existed

Who doesn’t love a cheeky Nando’s? Instead of default-ordering your fave go-to item, why not mix things up by having a go at hacking the menu to upgrade your meal? We've pulled together the ultimate list of Nando’s secret menu hacks, so get ready to take your Nando's order to the next level. We’re so ready to try the PERi-flamer with

Aldi’s award-winning wine is lush and costs under £5

The world of wine can be confusing. Australian or French? Does the year even matter? Often, we simply go off price - the more expensive the better, right? Wrong! Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. UK supermarkets have been producing increasingly excellent bottles in recent years so we spent an enjoyable - if somewhat hazy -

This sweet hummus is the new Nutella

We always have time for hummus - whether we’re dipping our pitta or (probs too often) eating straight out of the pot with a spoon. So when we heard our fave savoury snack (more than guac sorry not sorry) had been re-invented in sweet format, we weren’t sure how to feel... We know what you’re