Bet you didn’t know this about McDonald’s chicken nuggets

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Yep believe it or not, fast food juggernaut McDonald’s infamous chicken nuggets come in four different shapes, and they’ve got names and everything. We know –  mind. BLOWN.

McDonald's chicken nuggets

It turns out that there are a few reasons why the four golden bundles of joy are shaped the way they are. So why do chicken nuggets come in four shapes exactly? McDonald’s Canada answered on their FAQ page

“The 4 shapes we make Chicken McNuggets in was the perfect equilibrium of dip-ability and fun. 3 would’ve been too few. 5 would’ve been, like, wacky. For now, our McNugget shapes are: the “ball,” the “boot,” the “bow-tie” and the “bell.” We also make them similar in size to ensure consistent cooking times for food safety. Thanks for your question, Stew.”

Stew, whoever you are, thank you for asking the McDonalds the question we never knew we needed answering. *Runs to the nearest Maccas because McNuggets are life*.

Image credit: McDonalds