Starbucks are trialling Pink Flamingo Frappuccino

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It’s been a hot minute since Starbucks last ventured into the multi-hued realm of Instagram-worthy Frappuccinos. Following the infamous Unicorn Frapp that sent the world into a frenzy, and just in time for warmer days ahead, the java giant has graced us once again with a new drink and it’s an absolute summer mood. Introducing: The Pink Flamingo Frappuccino.

The majestic pink sugar bomb is made of a white chocolate mocha base mixed with strawberry syrup, topped with whipped cream and chocolate chip cookie crumble sprinkles. *Empties wallet on counter*

However there’s a catch, so allow us to break hearts just a tiny bit with some unfortunate news. Available for a limited time only, the magical pink concoction is currently exclusive to customers in South and Central America. But that’s not stopping us from gawking at its beauty while praying to the Starbucks gods that the flamingo flock flies over the pond in time for summer.

Until then, we’ll be sipping on our usual order.

Image credit: Starbucks