We tried Starbucks’ new latte and it’s…weird

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Ok confession time, I am a basic bitch. I love dad trainers, acai bowls, slogan T-shirts and, above all, a good Starbucks coffee. So imagine my delight when I heard Starbucks’ new limited edition coffee was veggie-friendly, and bonus, tastes like a bowl of cereal.

Introducing, the cereal latte.

I had to trial this *hot* new drink for myself, so high tailed it down to the ‘bucks, ordered one and prepared for greatness. My verdict? It does, indeed, taste like cereal! A bowl of Cheerios or Special K, to be precise, and I did like it! It’s made by blending a shot of espresso with cereal powder (which is comprised of powdered oat, barley, wheat and honey solids), which is then topped with vegan oat milk and finished with crispy cereal pieces on top.

For me, it’s not the worst novel coffee Starbucks have come out with, but the likelihood is, I won’t be ordering it again. Thank you, next.