So shell-less Skittles are now a thing & we don’t know what to think

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All you confectionery-loving sweet tooths should grab a seat because we have some HUGE news. Everyone loves Skittles, right? Of course you do, it’s impossible to resist those awesome multicoloured balls of fruity joy. Well they’re now available as ‘Skittles Chewies’.

Yes, this brand new range features all of the classic rainbow flavours but with no hard shell casing, meaning no more annoying crunchy bits stuck in your teeth. The texture might be softer and gummier but don’t worry, your favourite mouthwatering flavour is still there, whether it’s orange, lemon, lime, blackcurrant or strawberry.

But where can you get them? They’ve already been spotted on the shelves at Asda but you’ll see them advertised all over Facebook and Instagram over the coming weeks as they get rolled out across the country. They’re available in both single bags and sharing pouches, but let’s be honest, who among us hasn’t devoured an entire sharing bag to ourselves? It’s more cost effective after all…

Best summer ever? We certainly think so.

Image credit: Food News UK