Galaxy Mcflurry, vegan fish fingers and more new snacks you need to try, like now

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New year, new you, but more importantly new food! It might only be mid-January but all the biggest and best brands are coming out with a bunch of mouth watering new products. And thanks to Veganuary, there’s an impressive number of cruelty-free vegan products that taste amazing as well as saving the environment. That’s a win win in our book. Here’s our round up of the very best new snacks to rush out and buy in 2019.

Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll

You’ve no doubt heard about this – we covered it at the start of the year and since then it’s been all over the news – but have you tried one yet? If not, rush out NOW to buy one. They’re flat-out delicious, with dozens of thin layers of crisp puff pastry, and a unique-to-Greggs Quorn filling. Our tip? Make sure to get them when they’re hot, so be prepared to wait til they come fresh out of the oven. A cold sausage roll just doesn’t cut it, vegan or not. Fingers crossed Greggs keep them on sale after Veganuary.  

Cadbury White Chocolate Creme Egg

Yes, we know Christmas has just finished but as chocolate-lovers our favourite time of year is round the corner: Easter! And this means Creme Eggs are coming back, and so are the hidden white chocolate ones, along with a top prize of £10,000 for finding one. There are only 783 of these rare items in stores across the country, each with cash prizes starting at £50. Sure, money is nice but the real question is when are Cadbury going to start selling the white chocolate eggs in their own right?

Waitrose Vegan Fish Fingers

Who doesn’t love a classic fish finger sandwich? Thanks to Waitrose, now vegans and ethical-eaters can enjoy them without having to tuck into actual fish. Their brand new vegan fish fingers are made from breaded seaweed tofu, which helps provide a subtle fish flavour, plus a crispy coating that gives a yummy crunch. For the full vegan experience you should pair them with Waitrose’s vegan tartar sauce and sourdough bread for the ultimate animal-free version of a fish finger sandwich. Stop it Waitrose, you’re spoiling us.

Papa John’s Marmite and Cheese Scrolls

Marmite might divide opinion but we all love cheese, right? Well Papa John’s have decided to combine the two with their new cheese scrolls – a delicious combination of pizza and pastry. Vegemite versions have been on sale in Australia for years but now they’re available in the UK, but this time it’s Marmite taking pride of place. That tasty dark goo is swirled on top of the classic Papa John’s dough base, covered in cheese, rolled up then baked, making for an awesome little snack – unless, of course, you hate Marmite, in which case you should move on sharpish.

Jaffa Cakes Nibbles

McVities have come up with one of the most eye-catching treats of the new year with these cute little Jaffa Cake nibbles. Essentially a mini Jaffa Cake shaped into a ball, they have a dark chocolate coating, then a layer of cake with a blob of orange jelly in the middle. We guarantee you’ll love this new twist on the iconic treats.

Galaxy McFlurry

As any fast food fan knows, the Galaxy McFlurry, along with the incredible caramel version, were two of the stand-out items on the McDonalds menu. They took it off the menu last year but now they’re both making a comeback until the end of January. This is a late Christmas present from the golden arches, and great news for fans of creamy desserts.

Haribo Jelly Bunnies

Like the slogan says, kids and grown-ups love Haribo and we’re delighted by these special new Easter-themed Jelly Babies, renamed (and reshaped) as Jelly Bunnies. There’s no gummy snack out there cuter than these moreish little treats, just be sure to keep them away from any grubby little fingers – it’s about time us adults had some of the fun for ourselves.