You can now buy a Maltesers cake & it’s filled with something very exciting…

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Whether they’re in the form of a bunny at Easter, in your Celebrations box at Christmas or in good ol’ fashioned balls the year around, we bloody love Maltesers. There has literally never been a greater sweet snack to grace the earth, which is why we were very excited to discover that they now come in cake form. A giant chocolate dome filled to the brim with Maltesers, to be exact.

The aptly named ‘Smash Cake’ (you smash the dome to get to the good stuff) is made up of a malted sponge base, covered in sprinkles, and a chocolate dome. Inside the chocolate dome lies a pile of tasty Maltesers, nestled on top of a yummy layer of chocolate buttercream. Can we eat this everyday?

The cake made its debut on 28th Jan, and is being sold now in Asda stores as well as online, so what are you waiting for? It’s been a serious social media hit so if you want your fix, we’d get on it sharpish.