Oreo Creme Egg & other new treats chocoholics need to try now

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Attention all you chocolate-lovers, we have some news that’s going to make your day – if not your week, or even your whole year. We’ve uncovered all the hottest chocolate-based products coming out in the next few months, for both Christmas and leading up to Easter. Here’s our round-up of the very best upcoming cocoa bean gems.

Oreo Creme Eggs

Young or old, we all love Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, right? It doesn’t matter which way you eat them, no other egg-shaped snack comes close. Well take a deep breath because there’s a new egg in town – Oreo Creme Eggs are hitting the shelves at the start of next year in the run to Easter and we’re already in love. We adored the mini versions last Easter but these are the real deal – a full-sized chocolate egg containing that yummy Oreo cream filling mixed up with chunks of biscuit. Move over Christmas, Easter 2019 just stole your thunder.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate And Caramel Cheesecake


Can’t wait til Easter? Cadbury’s brand new desserts will fill that gap, and more. The chocolate maker has just launched TWO brand new cheesecakes: a classic Dairy Milk chocolate version, and for those of you who want even more luxury, a second based on their silky smooth Caramel bar with the same chocolatey base but this time topped with indulgent smooth caramel. You’ll find these awesome snacks in ASDA and Tesco, sold in pots of two – which is perfect for us, as there’s no way just one will be enough.

ASDA’s Chocolate Orange Vienetta Ice Cream


ASDA are rolling out a special festive version of that family dinner classic, Vienetta, and we’re pleased to see they’re keeping it simple – no mulled spices here, it’s a simple but brilliant orange and chocolate flavour ice cream dessert. This is an ultra-limited edition offer so make some room in your freezer, this is definitely one to stockpile.

M&S Triple Chocolate Cookie Pudding


Marks and Spencers always step up their game at Christmas and this year they’ve outdone themselves with this awesome-looking (and tasting) triple chocolate cookie pudding. This isn’t something you can guzzle in one sitting, this thing is HUGE, and a snip at just £4. We’re talking milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate chunks, mixed into a cookie-style pudding, on a layer of hot chocolate fudge sauce – all ready to be eaten hot or cold. Who needs an old-fashioned Christmas pudding when Marks and Spencers are around? Not us.

ASDA’s White Chocolate And Salted Caramel Cheese


Let’s be straight here, this one isn’t for everyone. Sure, we love cheese (who doesn’t?) and we love white chocolate obviously, and of course we love salted caramel. But all together? Well, you won’t know until you try it. ASDA are putting out one of the most interesting – if head-scratching – products in a long time, with this festive cheese. It’s an ethically-produced Red Tractor-assured Wensleydale cheese, that contains chunks of white chocolate and piece of salted caramel. It’s a head-spinning combo of sweet and saltiness, and while you wouldn’t put it on your breakfast sandwich every morning it’s well worth a try. After all, it’s Christmas – what better time to eat crazy things, drink and be merry? This comes out at the end of November and only costs a quid for a 90g wedge. Bargain.

Image credit: ASDA, Cadbury