In nobody asked for this news, green tea KitKats are coming to the UK

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Brace yourselves chocolate lovers, the latest weird and wacky confectionary mashup has landed, in the shape of green tea KitKats. Apparently already hugely popular in Japan, Nestle have confirmed it’s bringing the sweet treat to Europe, and we’re not sure how to feel.

Made with a matcha-infused white chocolate coating, the vivid green four finger bar follows in the wake of the unsurprisingly divisive Ruby KitKat, which was made with Ruby cocoa beans and gave a millennial pink hue to the bar, while adding a berry fruitiness.  

Unfortunately there’s no word yet on when or where they’ll be available, but we’re probably going to be keeping a wide berth, sorrynotsorry. In the meantime, please enjoy this hilarious promotion video, produced for its launch in the Philippines!

Image credit: Nestlé