Milka Philadelphia exists and we’re not mad about it

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Chocolate and cheese = our two favourite c’s in the entire world.

So imagine our excitement when we heard that we could combine our love of both of them with a new spread that we, quite frankly, will be eating with a spoon/our fingers.

The new spread is made up of Swiss Milka chocolate and Philadelphia cheese, and it can be eaten on anything from toast and bagels to waffles and pancakes.

A spokesperson for Asda said:

‘At Asda, we love introducing hybrid products for our customers. We’re excited to stock the indulgent spread, perfect for a chocolate-y treat in the run up to Easter.’

The Milka Philadelphia is currently available in Asda stores and online, and will cost only £1 until 24 April, and £1.80 a tub afterwards.

Homemade chocolate cheesecake for Easter Sunday dessert, anyone?

Images: Asda