We have it on good authority that McDonald’s is launching a vegan breakfast

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While most people can happily waltz down to their nearest McDonald’s and order a meal and call it a day, it’s not so simple for those living a plant-based lifestyle. One glance at the menu and it’s clear that the fast food titan is no haven for vegans. Until we heard from @vegan_food_uk that the Golden Arches are currently working on a whole new, vegan-friendly breakfast menu which will launch by the end of this year. Oh yeah!

While there’s currently no photographic evidence (or news from the fast food juggernaut), according to @vegan_food_uk they have it on good authority that the new menu is in the works, and even reported that staff ‘will all have to be trained soon for the launch of the vegan breakfast’. They were the first to hear about the Greggs vegan sausage roll way before the news broke out, so we’re taking their word for it. 

Following the recent launch of the vegan-friendly wrap in the UK and vegan McNuggets which are being trialed in Norway, it seems that Maccas is acknowledging the growing demand from customers for vegan options and is open to suggestions. Yaaas, McDonald’s! 

We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for an official announcement.

Image credit: McDonalds, Vegnews