7 McDonald’s Christmas menu items to try before Christmas is over

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Nothing says Christmas like a McDonald’s festive menu!

We wait for their Crimbo menu offerings every year, and this year has left us far from disappointed; the Big Tasty is back by popular demand – merry Christmas to us!

mcdonalds cheesy melts

Cheese Melt Dippers

Our fave ‘hangover fast food’ spot has also added cheese melt dippers to it’s menu, with a side of festive, tangy tomato dip.

chickeen big tasty

Chicken Big Tasty

There’s a newcomer this Christmas: The Chicken Big Tasty contains two chicken selects, Big Tasty sauce, slivered onions, square cut lettuce, a tomato slice and Emmental cheese in a square sesame topped bun.

mcdonalds big tasty

Big Tasty

Christmas calls for the ultimate burger. Think classic beef patty with Emmental cheese, sliced tomato, lettuce, onion and – of course – Big Tasty sauce.

mcdonalds big tasty with bacon

Big Tasty with Bacon

You know the drill. It’s a Big Tasty but with bacon, it can only get better.

maltesers mcflurry

Maltesers Reindeer McFlurry

Packed with the festive chocolate reindeer containing a malt filling and honeycomb pieces as well as smooth milk chocolate sauce, all contained in McDonald’s signature creamy vanilla ice cream. YUM.

mcdonalds millionaires latte

Millionaire’s Latte

A large shot of espresso blended with a caramel biscuit flavour syrup and steamed milk, topped with a swirl of chocolate cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce. We’re drooling.

mcdonalds toffee latte

Toffee Latte

The perfect festive upgrade to a classic latte, blended with toffee syrup and steamed milk all topped off with a swirl of cream and a toffee drizzle.

We for one, will be sampling the entire menu…

Images: McDonald’s