Jet2 airlines is now serving Nando’s on flights

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Jet2 just revolutionised flying by adding Nando’s to their inflight menu; yep, we’re talking PERi-PERi in the air – as if we needed another reason to book a holiday?!

The budget airline is the first to serve Nando’s on their aeroplanes, and we for one, are very excited. What’s more? The products they’re serving are totally original; Jet2 have teamed up with the restaurant to serve two brand new PERi-PERi infused snacks.

First up is a dip and dunk ‘Nando’s Box’, which consists of creamy houmous, PERi-PERi drizzle and salted pitta chips. Erm, yum.

The second offering is Nando’s Half-Popped Corn, ‘a mild and delicious snacking option where fluffy popcorn meets crunchy corn’ – sounds delicious to us. Who needs chicken?

And as if this news wasn’t exciting enough, Jet2 are also giving you the chance to win restaurant vouchers, with a spokesperson commenting:

To give customers even more reason to feel sky-high with excitement this summer, Nando’s vouchers can also be found in selected Nando’s boxes onboard, entitling one person to a free Nando’s meal.”

Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays, added: “The addition of these two fantastic snacking options give our customers even more great choice than ever, and mean that we are the first UK airline to offer Nando’s products on our in-flight menu.

“We have already made a number of exciting changes to our menu this year, and we are sure this brand new menu will delight customers even more.”

*Googles cheapest Jet2 return flight*

Images: Jet2 & Nando’s