Costa’s festive menu includes pigs in blankets mac & cheese and we’re drooling

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Costa Coffee are truly spoiling us with their festive menus. We covered their amazing Yuletide drinks menu last month and these brand new food additions are just as mouth-watering, if not more. As you’d expect, there are a lot of sugary sweet treats – nothing goes better with coffee than cake and chocolate, that’s simply the law – but there are some unique savoury snacks too, for when you need that lunchtime energy boost. We’ve chosen the six most awesome on-trend (yes, Christmas is our favourite trend) options, and if you’re anything like us you’ll want to try them all.

Cup Croissant with Nutella


The most eye-catching new creation, and our personal favourite, is the cup croissant with Nutella. Imagine a soft, flaky croissant in a cupcake case, stuffed full of that gorgeous hazelnut chocolate spread. Best of all, it’s served warm so it’s not just a cheeky treat during these cold winter months, you can justify it as a useful way to heat yourself up – that’s what we’re telling ourselves at least. It’s on sale for just £1.85, which is a bargain for something as decadent as this. We’re nuts about it (yes, we went there) and we’re sure you will be too.

Pigs In Blankets Mac and Cheese


Not in the mood for a sugar rush? You won’t find a better savoury option than this – the magical pairing of two of the greatest foods known to man: pigs in blankets AND mac and cheese. Amazing, right? It’s just as it sounds, little festive sausages swirled into a box of rich macaroni pasta and cheese, some bits gooey, some bits crispy, topped off with a sprinkle of breadcrumbs. When you sing ‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year’ at karaoke this Christmas, forget the marshmallows roasting on an open fire, sing about these instead.

Turkey and Emmental Shimmer Brioche


Sticking with savoury, we’re in love with Costa’s brand new turkey and Emmental shimmer brioche, and not just because it has all the staple Christmas foods in one tasty bun – it’s because it’s covered with a golden shimmer that glistens under the light. What can we say, we’re a sucker for a touch of sparkle. The sandwich itself lives up to its looks, containing turkey breast, maple smoked bacon, Emmental cheese plus a pork and sage and onion stuffing, flavoured with a spiced BBQ sauce and mayonnaise – all squeezed into that eye-catching glazed brioche bun.

Double Chocolate Yule Log


Chocoholics are in luck too – the ultra-chocolatey double chocolate Yule log is also topped off with a dazzling golden shimmer. You’ll be the envy of the office with this mouthwatering crowd-pleaser, for a pocket-friendly £2.60. 

Veggie Christmas Lunch Wrap

Vegetarian? Treat yourself to one of the best new lunch options on the high street this Christmas. This Christmas lunch wrap has all the finest meat-free festive flavours, including sweet potato falafel, Wensleydale and cranberry cheese and a plum chutney full of all the finest festive spices.

Paul the Penguin Chocolate Cake


We’ve saved the cutest for last. This adorable penguin-styled chocolate cake is Costa’s follow-up to last year’s equally-brilliant Rudolph The Reindeer chocolate cake creation. Why is it called Paul? We don’t know but we love it. This individually-sized portion is perfect for little kids and big kids alike.

Image credit: Costa